Change Me

Pandora is bullied for looking different. Dangerously skinny from lack of food at home, and very black hair, she get's called names like 'Vampire Child.' When she thinks all hope is lost, she meets Connor. She no longer cares what the other girls think. Can she trust Connor with her dreadful secret? The secret that her mum's an alcoholic and her dad walked out on her? When she thinks she finds truth, it slips away again.


1. Introduction


My social worker says hate is a strong word. That I don’t hate anybody. But I do. I really do.

I hate her especially.

In fact, at the moment, it seems like I hate everyone.

Mum for what she’s done to me. Dad for leaving me. Mrs Bloom for ringing social services. Everyone. Maybe is isn’t fair, but so what? Sometimes, life isn’t fair, people aren’t fair and people get hurt. I just happen to be one of those people.

It all happened on a Tuesday morning, the worst day of the week…

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