The blood that painted the city

Karen Miner. Scientist and Detective. She is called out to a crime scene which is different from any other. The vic's blood is white.... Karen is in a race against time to save the people of Ohio, before this masked killer kills another person and makes the blood turn white. Cystal white which Karen must identify. Can she do it?


4. Out of the office, On to the streets

Quickly Karen slipped on her long black jacket and opened out her note book. She quickly began to scribble down the details she had heard on the phone.

Pushing her way through the piles of paperwork she made it to the door. 

'Driver!' Karen shouted as she stepped outdoors onto the busy street

'Right away miss!' replied David, Karens personal driver.

And she was off...


 The crime scene loomed ahead. David stopped at the rope and let Karen exit the car.

'Thanks. Wait here okay?'

'Sure miss.' He said, picking up a newspaper and opening it. Karen walked to the rope, lifted it and stepped under it.

'What we got Charlie?'

'Ah, Karen. It looks like a murder.'

'No, really. I thought someone was sleeping and had blood coming from their body.' Karen said, rolling her eyes. Charlie's blonde curls blew in the wind from a passing train.

'Don't. Now you may want to get a blood sample and analzye it Karen. Go ahead to Baxter and Tom.' Karen grabbed a white suit and walked to the police van near to the rope. Once changed, she walked towards the victem.

'What happened to the vic?' Karen asked, pulling gloves on her hands. Baxter lifted his head.

'Well, he was slashed from the side and then stabbed in the chest. He was then ripped from the neck downwards on his back. No signs of blood though.' Karen squinted her eyes and looked closely. Her eyes widened.

'What is it?' asked Tom, standing up and moving over to her.

'The vic's's white!'

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