The blood that painted the city

Karen Miner. Scientist and Detective. She is called out to a crime scene which is different from any other. The vic's blood is white.... Karen is in a race against time to save the people of Ohio, before this masked killer kills another person and makes the blood turn white. Cystal white which Karen must identify. Can she do it?


3. Karen and the Scene

'Karen! I've got those blood samples if you still want to inalyse them!'

Karen smiled. 'Of, course. Bring them in.' Karen loved being a scientist, as well as a detective. It was an amazing job. One she loved. Karen pushed paperwork from her desk into a steel drawer. Joey entered, his dark eyes, skinny build and tall-ish figure fell into the room with a basket filled to the brim with blood. Karen's red wavy hair swayed to and fro as she looked towards Joey.

'Thanks J. Mind me to give the DNA report by the end of the day.'

'An e-mail, will that do?'

'Yeah! Thanks J' Karen called after him. The glass door shut as he left to see to a fight just outside the room. Karen peeled her pale blue eyes from him, and back to the computer screen. Karen was tall-ish and slim with a beautiful face to match, though she didn't like her hair. It was a menace. Karen was just getting the bood DNA results printed from the computer, ready for later when the phone rang.

'Karen Miner speaking.' A murmuring voice was heard from the phone.

'Got it, the journey will take about, say, twenty minutes or so. Okay bye' she said placing the phone down.

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