A multi-personality diary

I have been recently diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and my psychiatrist has asked me to keep a diary. I am quite intrested to see what happens to myself also, I can't remember things that happen sometimes.

P.S: This is complete fiction.


9. Day 9

Ok? I got 90% you call that ok? I'll just assume your name starts with a J, so I think we'll just call you J from now on. I'll try to write more Jason, but it just doesn't seem to come to me as fast as it seems to come to you. Today when I woke up, my bedroom was a complete mess. There was ripped up paper all over the place, My t.v was broken, and there was a massive hole in the wall. I am grounded, So Jason Jaime, and J, we aren't allowed to see Talia, and we have to sit outside the school office at lunch and break. Either my room was broken into, or J was up to no good last night.




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