A multi-personality diary

I have been recently diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and my psychiatrist has asked me to keep a diary. I am quite intrested to see what happens to myself also, I can't remember things that happen sometimes.

P.S: This is complete fiction.


6. Day 6

Hello Joanna! How do you do? You seem quite nice as well, although you don't seem to write much. I agree, Jaime doesn't seem very nice, but it's not good to judge people before you meet them. How did you do on the science test? hopefully you did better than Jaime did. I thnk Jaime took the test anyway. Unless there is anyone else that is joined to us three?  Today is saturday. I stayed inside and talked to Talia on facebook. Then I read The philosophers stone, with my ginger cat, Cookie curled up on my belly. I was really comfy.





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