What's In A Name?

This is a short story (not short by fan fiction standards, but by mine) that explains why my undead mage is the way she is and why her name is Nvrnamed. It also has some appearances by some of my good in game friends. Their names have been slightly altered or shortened so people won't be bothering them in game.

Hope this is ok, tried to finish this in time for the WoW competition, and in time for me to leave for work in less than an hour. Probably too late to be one of the stories considered for the competition, but may as well try.



1. Fun and Games

      The orc grunts hefted their weapons in annoyance as a disturbing sound filled the air. Gurgles and gasps leached their way down from the upper level on the inn, sounding almost like someone was torturing a drowned rat. The grunts had dealt with this a few times though and as annoying as it was, they just had to wait for the cursed thing to leave. The gurgles intensified as an undead jumped from the top level, cast a spell, and drifted safely to the floor. There was a collective eye roll as the undead bumbled up the stairs to repeat the venture yet again.

      Orc teeth ground and muscles flexed as the undead continued in her childish game. One even had a grip on a bottle and was taking aim to hurl it at the creature’s head, but thankfully a hunter pet strayed into the entrance before returning to its master. Thankfully, because the undead chased after it.

      The harsh Durotar sun attempted to assault the undead’s eye sockets just as the roar of the bustling Horde capital tried to assault her ear nubs.  The kitty was pretty and fluffy and was stripey and she wanted to pet and love it. She tried to lurch after it, but it ran too fast.

       Her face contorted into the mockery of a smile as she channeled frost energies into a ring of frost. She giggled and clapped her hands excitedly as the ring manifested itself. Summoning the powers of fire she created a circle of fire within the frost. Again the sounds of a tortured rat as she giggled.

      Something rough and wet dragged itself across the side of her head before two strong arms wrapped themselves around her rotted body.


      The troll released her and grinned widely with a light in his eyes that nearly matched her enthusiasm.

      “PEAR!” due to the lack of functioning lungs and missing sections of her esophagus the childish glee was mutilated into a harsh rasp. She ran her hand over the remains of her tongue and smeared it over the troll’s face in the semblance of a lick, “Hiya!”

      “How be yous?” Pear squatted down as he said this but abruptly changed his mind and started dancing. He was without a doubt the strangest troll warrior in all of existence. The two things he was good at were causing more damage than anyone else in a fight and making people laugh. Probably why he was one of Nvr’s few friends.

      “Good,” Her voice was still mangled and distorted, but the gleam in her sockets took out the bite. With a childish chuckle she took out her Piccolo of the Flaming Fire and played a simple tune. Even with the simple tune the enchantment took hold and everyone around her burst into dance. This caused a few startled looks, but most didn’t seem to mind. This just furthered Nvr’s amusement and started a fresh bought of tortured giggles. Some of the surrounding blood elves paled and backed away; undead laughter wasn’t for everyone.

      “Race you to the cooking trainer!” Nvr wheeled around on her heel, nearly dislodging her fibula and tearing the tendon a little more, and Blinked away. Her bones clanked and clacked with the occasional squish as rotted muscle got in the way. Mangled laughter clawed its way from her chest even as a wolf pounded past carrying a troll that was grinning like a mad man. Another Blink and she was ahead again, just rounding the corner to the Drag; it looked like Nvr was going to win! The remains of her face contorted in horrible ways to become what was supposed to be a beaming smile. She was going to win!

      Until the wolf grazed past her and Pear easily dismounted becoming the winner of the childish race. Pear started to grin before noticing Nvr’s rotted face was twisted into an even uglier visage with drooped shoulders. If Pear hadn’t been a longtime friend of Nvr he would have never known that the fetid flesh was attempting to pout.

      “I wanted to win,” her rasp was a disappointed rattle. She had wanted to win. She should have won. Pear must have cheated to beat her. She folded her arms across her chest cavity and tried to ignore the puppy dog eyes Pear was giving her. Even with tusks in the way, he managed to purse his bottom lip. His face was so pitiful, but she wanted to be mad at him. She wanted to win, but he took it away from her. She was mad.

      Pear inched closer to her somehow managing to make his brutish, gangly body look like an overgrown blue puppy with tusks. Nvr huffed. It was so hard to be mad at a puppy, even a trollish puppy. She stuck out her bloated and discolored remains of a tongue and went back to pouting. She really wanted to be mad at him.

      Pear jumped up and pulled her into a bear hug. Bones scraped against each other as he clutched her tight but not tight enough he’d really break her. Licking the side of her head again he managed to squeeze a giggle out. It might have just been a pocket of trapped air that was squeezed out though.

      “Race you to the tauren waterfall?” Pear stepped back with a gleam in his eye, “If you don’t hurry I’m going to win again,” he took a step towards the Valley of Wisdom.

      “Nu uh!” Nvr took the bait and quickly jumped off the ledge and Blinked as soon as she hit the ground. Her body crackled and squelshed in protest, but she just tied to run faster. She was going to win this time! She was going to beat Pear! As soon as she had drawn enough arcane magic she Blinked again, trying to keep as much distance between her and Pear. She was going to win.

      Just a little further.

      Just a little more energy.

      Nvr Blinked one last time and nearly ended up in the water. Luckily she was tricky enough to stay out of the water. Only people as tricky as her could have stayed out of the water on that one!

      She won! She won this time! Turning around she could see Pear was still far, far away. She beat him good this time. That’s what he gets for beating her the first time. She won! It took a whole five seconds for Pear’s wolf to lumber up to her!

      “I beat you good that time!”

      “Oh yes you did!” Even though she beat him, he was still smiling for some reason. Silly Pear. Nvr started dancing to celebrate as Pear cheered her. Pear dismounted and let the wolf run off to the stables so he could join in on the dancing. Nvr giggled again, even with just the two of them they could have a party.

      Pear suddenly stopped and stood still for a second with his head cocked slightly to one side before saying, “I have to get going. Need to get back to the things I’m supposed to be doing,” Pear let his tongue loll out for effect, “see you later Nvr?”

      “Ok Pear. Cya laters!” She waved enthusiastically as Pear gave her a quick hug before calling his purple nether drake.

      “Cya!” Pear waved with just as much energy as the drake pushed off on powerful legs with its wings of nether sweeping the air. The drake strained for a second, tossing its behemoth head and letting out a bellow as the wings struggled to get enough wind under them to support the beast. Finally it caught a pocket of wind and was able to launch into the sky quickly carrying Pear off. It was always so cool to watch a dragon take off straight up.

      Pear was always so nice and cool. Nvr sat down at the edge of the pool and dug out some rag dolls from her bags. She had found them forever ago when she was still exploring the world. Back then they had been worn, now they were little more than dirty rags that resembled a doll if you held them in the right way and squinted. They may be very well loved but they were still some of her favorite toys.

      Today they were a pretty princess, a brave hero, and a bad, bad person. The bad person was being really mean to the pretty princess and taking her things. This made the pretty princess very, very sad. The brave hero didn’t want the princess to be sad, he liked the princess lots and lots, so he went over to the bad person and told the bad person to give back the princess’s things. But the bad person was really, really bad and didn’t give them back so the brave hero had to beat the bad person up.

      Right as the brave hero was kicking the bad person’s butt someone walked up to Nvr. It was another undead, but she couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl until it got close enough for her to see it was bigger than her and had a bigger skull. It was hard to tell what his expression was since there was more skull than flesh, but he didn’t look too mean.

      “Do you wana play dollies with me?” Nvr was even really nice and held up the brave hero so he could be the good guy.

      “No,” his voice was really harsh and sounded like it had to fight off a bunch of rocks to get out of his chest. He didn’t seem so nice anymore. He didn’t get to be the brave hero, he could be the bad person.

      “Why where you playing with a troll?” Nvr didn’t like the way he said that. He made it sound really mean.

      “You’re a meanie” the remains of her face once again had to perform another series of gymnastic contortions to become a pout. “Your clothes are ugly too. They don’t even match.” That should show him not to be so mean to others.

      “What’s your name?” He said it very carefully and what bits of his face remained tried to form something, but it just ended up making his skull look funny.

      “Never had one. So people just call me Nvr,” he was getting boring now and the brave hero really wanted to kick the bad person’s butt.

      “Then what was your name before you died?” He was starting to sound mean again.

      “I-uh-no,” she shrugged her shoulders and went back to bashing her dolls together. The brave hero was really beating up the bad person. The bad person is going to know not to take anyone else’s things ever again.

      “Hehe, what’s up trouble?” a deep, warm voice came from behind the two. A tauren had somehow managed to walk up on them without shaking the earth and surprised both of them.

      “Hey Filthy!” Nvr waved childishly. “But I’m not trouble!”

      “Hehe, sure you’re not,” Filthy always started a sentence with a small chuckle and was almost always smiling. He managed to make tossing his head look relaxed, everything he did was casual and relaxed. Even when he was out in battle you could usually hear a chuckle or two coming from him while he casually swept his mace straight through an enemy.

      “Sup man, I’m Filthy,” he added a playful shake of his head with a wide smile as he introduced himself. Filthy held out a plated hand in a friendly gesture, but the undead just stared had the outstretched hand like it was going to fall off and run up his leg. Filthy just shrugged it off and chuckled watching Nvr play with her dolls.

      “She doesn’t remember anything from before,” Filthy could read the questions crawling all over the undead’s exposed skull. The undead didn’t give him more than a glace in askance. “She took a pretty nasty blow to the head when she died. Cracked her skull open and spilled a bit ‘o brain. Some of the Forsaken I’ve talked to say it’s a curse that the plague managed to bring her back with the lack of brain and all. But it’s not too bad for her,” his smile had temporarily slipped but was now back in full force, “she’s as carefree as any child. Hehe, she is a child.”

      Nvr was getting bored with her dolls. The brave hero had beaten up the bad person enough for one day. She looked around and noticed a toad hopping up the bank. She had a great idea! She drew on the arcane powers and turned the toad into a soft and fluffy bunny. Toads were gross. Bunnies are awesome. She picked up the bunny and hugged it tight. She was going to love it forever!

      “Look Filthy! I has a bunny!” Nvr held it out at arm’s reach to show it off.

      “Hehe, yes you do.”

      “I’m going to hug him, and love him, and call him George!” She had the bunny back in a death grip and was twisting back and forth. It tried to struggle, but she couldn’t feel the bunny’s feet scratching against her ulna.

      “Hehe, you do that.” The undead male just shook his head in disbelief as Nvr sat there hugging and swinging the bunny back and forth. She sat there for a while clutching her new bunny, happy as could be, until the spell wore off. Everyone in the Valley of Wisdom, and probably the other valleys too, knew the exact moment of when the spell wore off because Nvr managed to scream. Not a gurgle, not a hiss, a full on scream. Even with missing parts she could still let loose a shriek that could rival a banshee.

      “EW! Toads are so nasty!” Nvr flung the toad from her even though seconds before it had been her bestest friend. “Gross. Gross. Gross!” She flopped down in a pout with a loud pop. Her femur had come out of socket but a quick jab and it was back in with a squelch.

      “It’s not funny Filthy!” She was in full pout mode and didn’t want people laughing at her. It wasn’t nice.

      “Hehe, I’m sorry,” Filthy gave her a big friendly smile to let her know he wasn’t laughing at her, just laughing like he always was. He got a bloated tongue stuck out at him in return which only gave him another chuckle. “How about I make it up to you by getting you some cupcakes or some doughnuts from Dal?”

      “I like cupcakes!” Nvr immediately jumped up and started clapping excitedly.

      “Hehe, ok. You just have to make a port and we’ll go.”

      “Yay!” She quickly channeled the magic needed for a portal and tried to drag Filthy through as soon as it was up.

      “Hehe, calm down, we’ll get there in time,” he gave her a soft pat on the head before stepping through the portal with Nvr on his heels.



      “What is this world coming too?” The undead male was still completely bewildered by this female undead with no name, no memories, and no hate. What a strange world he lived in. 

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