Rhymee Rhapsody

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1. Rhymee Rhapsody


Once upon a time, in a village called ‘Melody',

Lived a boy called Rhymee Rhapsody.

He loved music, dance and poetry,

And was certain that becoming a singer, was his destiny.


All the people that Rhymee met,

Had to bear his ‘singing' talent.

Melodians ran away whenever they saw him coming,

For nobody liked Rhymee's untrained singing.


Rhymee's poor parents didn't have enough money,

To send him to a music academy.

He was trained to become a motor mechanic instead,

That was how the aspiring singer started earning his bread.


Despite many remarks scathing,

Rhymee never stopped singing.

Years of practice, improved his voice quality,

And listening to trained singers, developed his sense of melody.


One day a well known musician came to his workshop,

And Rhymee's singing impressed him a lot.

The musician needed a singer for the national radio,

So he invited Rhymee to his recording studio.


Resolute Rhymee was rewarded for his grit,

The radio show was a huge hit.

Soon he became the star, he aspired to be

And people loved listening to Rhymee Rhapsody

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