Water Star

A girl discovers she is not a normal, ordinary human being but she is special, and different. This story tells of her finding out who she really is.


1. Water room

I open my eyes to a blue room. It’s unusual, but comforting, in a strange way. Wait. I sit bolt upright. Where am I?

“Good morning, miss. Breakfast is ready.”

I sharply whipped around. All I could see was a man walking out the room. I say walking, but truthfully, it seemed like he was floating. But that’s not possible. I rubbed my eyes to check this was all true. Staring round, I realised my bed was floating. I scooted back to the cushions and stood up. Slowly and carefully, I walked to the front of my bed. OUCH! I helplessly fell back to the bed. I looked up. My bed was a four-poster. While that sunk in, I lay back in the soft bed sheets that were a pale blue colour. I smiled to myself at the lushness of m bed and I really thought I should take another look around the room. I got up and looked over the edge of the bed, careful to avoid the ‘roof’ this time.

Water was my next thought, as that’s all I could see. My room was full of water. I saw a wardrobe up ahead. I was tired of wearing these pyjamas. They were to hot and sticky. If I could cross the water, I could check out what clothes I had. But how? They were no stones. Could I swim? It’s probably possible. But can I swim? Scarily, I don’t know. Surely I would know something like that. Weirdly enough, I take a chance. I dive, head first, into the water. I bob up above the water.  I start doing the breast stroke, but as soon as I look down into the water, I scream. There was a big drop below me. That is just plain wrong. That’s super scary. But there was something even more wrong, I heard myself scream, even though I was under water. It was a piercing scream. I gasped for breath, but I was too far under. I was going to drown…

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