It's cold

People always said that the world is going to crash and burn, so no one expected it to freeze over and hunger to kill everyone. After all, it's mother nature at work. But when Leticia gets locked into a building with her crush, is all hell going to break loose, and will the couple die of pneumonia before that becomes an issue? Warning: Mature audiences only!


4. The noise that signaled the end of my life

Nico put me down once we got into the big cement block that was our music building. Actually, it isn't even that big, just very legoish. My feet felt like jelly; cold jelly anyway. Oh, the things I would do for a plate of jelly! And ice cream and sprinkles and marshmallows and any real food... You get the picture...

"Is that it?" I asked, pointing at a large crate, well it looked like one anyway, that was covered in a thick plastic sheet to protect it from the weather. Wow theis people are clever. Trust me, if plastic sheets would have worked, everyone would still be alive.

"Probably." Nico muttered, pulling back one of the corners before tugging it back completly. It was a piano. "Or not." He added, pulling a stool from under neath it.

I traced a finger over the seam of it, just where the bottom had been sewn to the top. I couldn't help but sit on it, and lifting the lid could I? Well, I tried to anyway. The wood was frozen solid together, and I doubted that there was no force on earth was going to break that baby open. Okay, so I couldn't open it, but still.

"Where's the food then?" I asaked, turning in the seat to check the room. "There," I pointed at an actual crate, with wooden panels with everything. Someone must have already been in today, because one of the bars had been ripped open, and cans spilt from the inside onto the floor. "Just in the door way to that room."

"Ew," Nico said, pulling a face. His eyes followed my gaze, and he made his way over to the broken crates. "tuna. Yum."

"They could have atleast lied about something like custard or tinned peaches." I agreed, crouching next to him and picking one up. "But still." He looked at me, a cheeky smile on his face. His large hands opened one of the cans and he passed it to me. The smell of food instantly made my mouth water, and I didn't stop to think before I ate it straight out of the can, not caring whether I cut my tongue on the sharp metal. Nico watched me as he carefully ate his own, chewing the fish slowly.

"How can you eat it so slowly?" I asked him through a mouthful of tuna, spitting everywhere. Man that made me look so attractive, I bet he can't wait to snog the face of me. "It tastes so good... Even though I absoloutly hate tuna."

"Um, if you're hungry, you shouldn't down the food all at once, or you'll get heartburn." Oh, great. Now I was going to be hungry with heartburn. Boy was this my lucky day. I finished what was left in the can, and chucked it into a corner. There was others in the corner, probably from kids in different tutors, going against what their teachers had told them. I hoped so bad, that Pattie had been one of the students to be sent down here.

There was a rumbling sound, and I looked up at Nico, raising an eyebrow. He had a similar expression on his face, and he stood up and walked over to the door.

"Shit, get back in!" He snapped, pulling the door stop from under the door, and looking at it hesitantly. This was the panic room; if the door closes, it autimatically locks, and doesn't open unless you're on the outside. "We don't have time to get back!"

"What the hell is it?" I asked him, making my way over. I wished I had stayed where I sat. Clouds of white dust rolled over the landscape, and even though they looked pretty and delecate, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that it wasn't solid ice and snow. "Oh my God." There was nothing left to do. The school was built in the middle of two mountains, so to be honest with you I wasn't supprised that there was an avalanche thundering our way. I had been waiting monthes for this to happen, but I had jsut hoped that I would be at home when it did.

"We have to close it." Nico whispered softly, his eyes wide and scared. I took his hand, and together, we closed the door, and squished together in the corner. The light that was in the middle of the room went dim, but it didn't go out completly. The rumbling was so loud, and I could hear the snow spraying against the solid metal of the door. The light flashed off, just before there was a sickening crash at wall where the door was. I shreiked, and clutched Nico's shoulders.

It was the noise that signaled the end of my life. The sound of snow consuming us completly.

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