It's cold

People always said that the world is going to crash and burn, so no one expected it to freeze over and hunger to kill everyone. After all, it's mother nature at work. But when Leticia gets locked into a building with her crush, is all hell going to break loose, and will the couple die of pneumonia before that becomes an issue? Warning: Mature audiences only!


3. Getting food

"Oh my God." I whispered, feeling warm arms envelope me as I shook. She had done it; I remember her mentioning it a couple of times but... Jesus I didn't actually think the girl was going to do it! She had said that if she ever killed herself she would do it by stabbing her eye so that her brain would go first. I don't know why, it's such a strange way to do it.

I couldn't feel my feet - the ice had frozen them down to the bone. I let out a sigh, breathing into the crook of Nico's neck. I hadn't looked up since it had happened, too scared there would be anything to look back upon. It had been the body collecter that came to get her, the same as always. The body collecter was a man who took the dead away, I suppose a bit like when the plague was around. You know, 'Bring out your dead!' that sort of thing. Nasty, I know, but somehow it had all become true.

"Don't worry Leticia." Eve murmered, as a small hand took my own. I looked up to see her blue eyes looking at me sadly, and Nico brushed a peice of blonde hair from my face. "It's what she wanted. I'm sure that she's better now, because she didn't react well when Jenna went. They'll look after each other now." I forced a grim smile, as I looked around the frost covered room. Blood splattered the walls, and there was a patch in the corner that we had sat in before. Nico had carried me over here in the meantime, realising that it wouldn't do me any good to be sitting where it had happened.

"I know." I said, nodding slightly. I glanced at each of them in turn, taking in their depressed features. That's what scared me; we might just be better off giving up. What if their's some huge golden gates, and a place with everything that we could have ever dreamt of? We could be so happy away from all this crap. "And then there was four." We all grasped hands, supporting eachother mentally.

We would get over it. We had to, because otherwise it would destroy us from the inside out. We'd done it before anyway; twenty-five times to be exact. Of course this was different. Never before had anyone done anything as dramatic as Niamh had. But everyone deals with things in their own special way, right?

"And now there is four." Nico agreed sadly, shifting slightly so that I was trapped between his legs. Even the coat had lost what little warmth there had been before, making our teeth clatter together. "Its weird, it hurts less everytime." He paused breifly. "I don't want to sound heartless or anything, but it's true."

"It's not exactly heartless." Daniel muttered, shaking his head so that layes of his un-cared for hair bounced around his pale cheeks. Eve cudled close to him, letting go of my hand so that she could do so, only her eyes peeping through the gap of the material that covered them both. "I feel the same too. But its not because we don't care... more because we are used to it. So many lost; nobody can expect us to mourn weeks everytime. We would just be permenantly misserable, everything we lived for worth nothing. I don't think any of us want that, no matter what."

No one spoke for what seemed like hours, untill the teacher coughed loudly. She sat on her desk, snuggled tightly into a sleeping bag, that would have once been electronic, but what use was that anymore? She looked at us expectantly, hoping we would say something first. You could tell that everything affected her too, it's just that she was an aduly, so we assumed that she was fine. As I said before, no one is fine.

"I'm sorry." She said in a small voice, dissapearing into her bag as she tried to get warm. We watched her as she sat up and held out something silver and shiny. At first I thought it was a knife, but I soon realised I was being stupid; it was a key. "Does one of you want to go and get the food that we have been sent? There's a can of tomatos each... It's to stop you from getting scurvy. The governments contribution." Oh, gosh they sure are thoughtful people!

"I'll go." I offered, forcing a smile for the others. They all looked so sad and cold, it just broke my heart. "I need to get out of this room, find a bit of fresh air." Everyone knew that it wasn't the reason, we all understood eachother. I was doing them a favour, they weren't going to complain.

"I'll go with you then." Nico said, picking me up and tucking me against his chest. He was still strong and hansomn, even after months of poor diet and not enough to drink. It wasn't uncommon for people to become amnemic anymore, or to feel dizzy every time they stood up. And of course the girls had it worse off in both of those departments. "So you have some company." His hazel eyes bore into mine, glinting with warmth.

"Thanks." I whispered to him, one hand pressed flat against his firm chest and the other hooked around his neck. He carried me out of the classroom, and we both made our way to the music block; The building seperate to the rest of the school.

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