It's cold

People always said that the world is going to crash and burn, so no one expected it to freeze over and hunger to kill everyone. After all, it's mother nature at work. But when Leticia gets locked into a building with her crush, is all hell going to break loose, and will the couple die of pneumonia before that becomes an issue? Warning: Mature audiences only!


8. Epilogue

It was mid-day when the builders finally broke through the barrier of hard snow and ice that covered the building they tried to get into. Reports had shown that two of the students had been seen going in before the avalanche had destroyed the school.

"Brian, I think I've got them." A man shouted over at him, his hair line had receided hugely since they had started the search five months ago. They had three people working on the area, the staff had all refused to go to the school; it wasn't exactly supprising that it had taken them so slow. "I think we need to get the body collecter in."

"How many?" The other man with ginger hair asked, raising an eyebrow. They hadn't found a single living person, mind, it would have been impossible to survive that long with out heating. A couple of days ago the weather had taken a turn for the worst, dropping to a measly minus twenty degrees.

"Two I think..." The bald mans expression changed, and he cursed loudly under his breath. "Shit, you better get over here." The other man followed him to where he stood, glancing into the window that they had smashed open.

"Fucking hell." He gasped, a hand covering his mouth as he tried to steady himself. The scene was similar to that of a classroom that they had found two weeks ago. A boy and a girl had both been strapped to eachother, both zipped into a huge blue foam coat. Countless cans of empty tuna were scatterd across the floor, and on the wall was written using a tiny peice of chalk 'FOREVER AND ALWAYS. N,T'. And there was frozen blood covering both of the students wrists.

But that wasn't what made them stare.

The frost covered bodies didn't fit into the coat, because of the girl. Her small figure was distorted under ice, but they couldn't mistake the large bulge that stood out of the material. The bulge that could have been growing for... Five monthes maybe.

"She was pregnant." The ginger man whispered, the words catching in the wind, and dissapearing up into the endless sky.


I would like to thank anyone who has read this short story, because it feels great to have actually completed one. I love you all for the time you have taken to check it out. Yasmin x

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