It's cold

People always said that the world is going to crash and burn, so no one expected it to freeze over and hunger to kill everyone. After all, it's mother nature at work. But when Leticia gets locked into a building with her crush, is all hell going to break loose, and will the couple die of pneumonia before that becomes an issue? Warning: Mature audiences only!


5. A kiss

I could feel a hot beath on the back of my neck, making me squeeze my eyes shut together tightly. I stretched my fingers out wide, making sure nothing was broken. I was sitting on someone, and he shifted unfomforably under me: Nico.

"We're alive." He whispered, looking at me. The light was solar powered, and because snow reflects sunlight, well there was still a tiny amount of light left; not alot, but enough anyway. "Oh my god, we're alive!" Before I knew it, he had pressed his lips softly against my cheek, making a squeal errupt from my mouth. "Sorry... it's just, we are Bloody alive!"

"Just because we're alive now, doesn't mean it will stay that way." I muttered, my face still flushed a deep red. I know it sounded harsh, but it was true; we were locked in the room. Okay, so we had god knows how much tuna and funnily enough a toilet, but come on. Would we actually survive? And I'm sure Nico could think of better company than me, probably anyone. "Lets face it, we have no heating or other people. We'll just freeze to death."

"I hope not." He murmered, a strand of my blonde hair in one of his hands. I shuddered slightly, feeling the cold creep around my body. He smiled at me, his expression sad and tired. "Survival fact number 1: You heat up quicker if you share body heat naked." I shoved him in the arm, the ghost of a smile on my lips.

"In your dreams." I whispered, opening my coat, and watching him copy. He pressed his warm body against mine, stealing my heat and inreturn, giving me his. If only it could stay like this. But I knew that noone would come and find us, somewhere deep inside. "They'll send someone out to get us." I said, reasuring my self rather than telling Nico.

"We could do it." He said, his eyes closed, fluttering slightly. I let my cheek rest on his chest, just a section of bare skin towards the top. I thought back to what he had said before, how we could. Was that what he was on about?

"Do what?" I asked him, both of my eyebrows raised well above normal. If he was on about what I thought he was, then lets just say, God help the poor boy. He looked down at me with his clear eyes, making my insides turn into jelly. Oh my god, that is what he was thinking. But again, he supried me more than I thought possible.

"What Niamh did..." He went red, embarassed that he had even thought it, yet alone said it. "I don't mean now... It's just if everything really does go wrong. You know, if the cold doesn't kill us, and we run out of food. It might just make it all easier."

I silenced his explanation with a kiss. His eyes were wide with shock, but after a few seconds he kissed me back. It was nice; his soft lips moving with mine, making me lean closer towards him, the air in my lungs coing out in deep breaths. I hadn't realised I was straddeling his waist, until I felt his hand on my waist, the other tangled in my hair.

A deep seductive moan escaped his lips as I scarpered up, looking down at him with a stunned expression on my face. What the hell had I just done? I put a finger up to my lips, watching Nico as I did so; they were swolen slightly, and when I realised, a hicup came up my throat.

"I need to pee." I whispered, walking over to the small toilet. Great, the hinges on the door had frozen, making it impossible for me to close it. I grunted, trying to make it shift, but it was no use. "Don't look." He studied me for a second or two, sighing heavily before turning around.

I couldn't help but think, that what I had done, was a good thing.

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