It's cold

People always said that the world is going to crash and burn, so no one expected it to freeze over and hunger to kill everyone. After all, it's mother nature at work. But when Leticia gets locked into a building with her crush, is all hell going to break loose, and will the couple die of pneumonia before that becomes an issue? Warning: Mature audiences only!


1. The government

I covered my ears with the soft muffs in my hands, pulling out a pair of gloves from my bag. What was with this weather? Even scientists were stunned as to why it was minus ten degrees in the midst of July. And I was actually looking foreward to having a bit of sun in this retched country. But no, give me fucking snow.

Pattie's steps were in synchronisation to mine, filling the silence that echoes eerily of the walls, not that we could see them. Nobody came outside unless they had to; so that meant us students getting up at the crack of dawn to plow our way through storm after storm, and adults working from laptops at home. And as for the bloody food shortages! You walk in to shops, finding nothing but white shelves and grodgy meat that was way past its sell by date, all the tins being taken by panick buyers. Thank god my nan had a pantry that had collected dust since the eighties! And... well, food is food, even if it should have been eaten six years ago. Today me and Pattie both had a can of corned beef, which we would no doubt be sharing with the hungry mouths of our tutor groups. You can't complain anymore. It's either eat up, or starve to death, and I have absoloutly no intentions of dieing on anyone.

"Why do we still have to go to school?" Pattie asked me, her large eyelashes collecting melting snow, tring desperatly to gather some warmth in her hands using her breath. It wasn't any use; we had all tried, trust me. The only thing that vaguely worked, was putting your hands down your pants, and clamping your inner thighs against them. But of course I doubt anyone would actually do that in public! You'd look like you were touching yourself, and who wants to see that?

I glance sidewards at Pattie, feeling a pang of guilt in my chest. The truth was, I didn't know either. And how was I supposed to lift the spirits of a twelve-year-old, by joking about how we're dying anyway, so they want it to be done in education. Because to be honest, it could well be that. In the end I settled with a blunt, "I don't know Pattie, because they're bastards." She didn't bat an eyelid at the language, there was no point. Even teachers had given up being civilized, letting us huddle together in the corners, trying to steal each others body heat.

By the school gates, the snow was just under my hips, making trickles of cold water slip down my spine. I used a glove covered hand, to drag myself up to the small enterance, which luckily had dropped dramatically to ankle height. I kissed Pattie on the forehead, before I left her to walk to tutor on her own.

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