The Perfect Summer (En Sommer Jeg Aldrig Glemmer)

Hvis nogle af jer er i tvivl, så er jeg fra Danmark, men skriver på engelsk!:-)
This Fan Fiction is about the perfect summer for a directioner. The story is about romance, drama, laugh and loads more!:-) You can meet all the boys in this fanfic. and have fun, including making some really good friendship AND maybe a relationship, but you can only find out more by reading it:-) If you like it, then press the like button or you can favorite it:-) Thanks:-) x


6. The Perfect Summer (part 6)

Niall: ''I'm gonna dedicate this song to a special someone.'' He turned around and smiled to you. ''You know who you are.'' He blinked and you blushed. 

After the show, Niall came over to you and hugged you. Your arms were around his neck and his arms were at your hips. He removed some hair from your face and looked you deeply in the eyes. He began to smile and you smiled with him. Again you got interrupted by another man, he sent you away and pushed you outside, he looked really angry! So there you were. Inside a big group of screaming girls who was waiting for the boys to come out. A lot of girls tried to get yoour autograph and stuff, and it was a bit weird as you weren't famous. You signed some stuff and the girls ran away. You called a taxi so your mom didn't got angry. When you arrived at home your best friend called you.


Best friend: ''OMG! How was the concert?! Was he a good kisser?!'' 

You: ''Relax! We haven't kissed! And... how did you know that I was at the concert?'' You wondered where she get that from. You were really stressed.

Best friend: ''It's all over the internet! Pictures of you and Niall holding hands and you signing some stuff! There's even a video of you signing all the things!'' You couldn't talk. You just opened your computer and found pictures of you and Niall everywhere! You had again gained 10.000 followers on twitter! You've already got some death threats, but you had also got some very nice messages. You saw a trend.. ''(Your name) and Niall are sooo cute together.'' You were smiling and looked on tumblr and facebook. You got so many followers and friend requestions that you couldn't believe it! Your best friend was still on the phone and you could hear her talk.


You: ''Oh sorry! I just checked my twitter, tumblr and facebook! How can people find me so quickly?!'' 

Best friend: ''Weeeeeeell...'' You could hear on her voice that something was wrong. ''I gave them your twitter name by accident! I'm sorry!'' 

You: ''It's okay, I understand you, I would do the same. You smiled.


Next day at school everybody was looking at you. You couldn't go anywhere without people were staring at you. It was a bit creepy. The girl you hated the most, suddenly came over to you...

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