The Perfect Summer (En Sommer Jeg Aldrig Glemmer)

Hvis nogle af jer er i tvivl, så er jeg fra Danmark, men skriver på engelsk!:-)
This Fan Fiction is about the perfect summer for a directioner. The story is about romance, drama, laugh and loads more!:-) You can meet all the boys in this fanfic. and have fun, including making some really good friendship AND maybe a relationship, but you can only find out more by reading it:-) If you like it, then press the like button or you can favorite it:-) Thanks:-) x


2. The Perfect Summer (part 2)

Niall: ''Do you think that I would let you go there by yourself? I'm not that kind of a person!'' You were chocked over Niall. He was really serious about this.


You: ''No... I don't... It's just.... It's not something special!'' You actually yelled at Niall. He didn't looked very happy.. Seriously, your first fight. Already.

Niall: ''Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't meant it like that.'' He looked very sad.


You arrived at the hospital. Everybody was staring at you and Niall like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Someone even gave you the death eyes. You felt really uncomfortable with it. Suddenly you could feel Nialls arms around you. It was nice, you felt save.


Niall: ''Come here. Sit down.'' He smiled to you and you smiled back. You sat there and waited for it to be your turn. Then the doctor came in and yelled you name. You walked in the room and Niall was right next to you.  

Doctor: ''Hey aren't you Niall Horan? The singer from the band One Direction?'' Niall smiled a little smile.

Niall: ''Yes, I am.'' Niall sighed and smiled again.


Doctor: ''My daughter is a big fan of you. Can I get a autograph or something?'' You could feel that Niall wasn't in good mood.  

Doctor: ''So it was you ankle. You fell right?''

You: ''Yeah, I ran and then I fell into Niall.''

Doctor: ''Okay, let me check.'' The doctor checked you. Niall could see that it hurt, so he took your hand and pressed it. You both smile.

Doctor: ''It's not bad. It's just a sprain. Just hold it steady. Okay?''  

The doctor walked out of the room. There were only you and Niall back. You just sat there and stared at each other. Niall stood up. He took your hand and you walked out of the room. Outside the hospital, you were surrounded by paps everywhere! Niall pulled you closer and whispered in your ear...


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