The Perfect Summer (En Sommer Jeg Aldrig Glemmer)

Hvis nogle af jer er i tvivl, så er jeg fra Danmark, men skriver på engelsk!:-)
This Fan Fiction is about the perfect summer for a directioner. The story is about romance, drama, laugh and loads more!:-) You can meet all the boys in this fanfic. and have fun, including making some really good friendship AND maybe a relationship, but you can only find out more by reading it:-) If you like it, then press the like button or you can favorite it:-) Thanks:-) x


14. The Perfect Summer (part 14)

You looked worried at Niall, and he was looking like he wanted to cry. When you saw Niall with that face you began to cry too. Niall sat you down and looked you deeply in the eyes. He removed a tear from your face and kissed you on the cheek. He opened his mouth to say something, but he didn't say anything. He began to cry and tears was streaming down his face.


You: ''Niall, what is it?'' You began to shake and you almost couldn't talk.

Niall: ''We... You Know... Us... This is not going to work...'' He began to cry again and he took your hand. 

You: ''But... I thought... You.... You brought me here! Why?!'' You yelled at him and began to cry. You we're so mad at him. You just wanted to walk away from him and never see him again, but you know that you couldn't do that to him.

Niall: ''I'm sorry babe! But I.. I...You... I don't wanna leave you, but... There will be going to be rumors about you and stuff! I don't wanna make your life difficult!'' You could feel his hand shaking, but then you pressed it a little and he stopped.

You: ''Niall, if my life is going to be like that, I'm okay with it. As long as I can see you!'' He began to smile and hugged you. He didn't let go of you. He kissed you cheek and whispered something in your ear. You could feel his lips touching your ear.

Niall: ''You are really something special to me'' You began to freeze suddenly, and he pulled you closer.


You were still sitting in the car. There were only you and Niall, so it was really romantic. He kissed your hair, then your forehead, then your nose and then your cheek. He smiled a cheeky smile to you and then he opened the door. He went out talking to the driver. You were still sitting in the car alone and you were like freaking out.


After a while a lot of peoples sat in the car. Niall next to you, next to Niall we've got Paul, beside Paul ther was you sister, and next to you sister, there was your dad. The driver was on the front seat. Niall took your hand and pressed it. You felt like the luckiest girl ever. Your sister and dad was just talking with Paul. Niall and you didn't noticed that there were other peoples in the car, so you was just starring at each other, Niall slowly moved closer, but then the car suddenly...

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