The Perfect Summer (En Sommer Jeg Aldrig Glemmer)

Hvis nogle af jer er i tvivl, så er jeg fra Danmark, men skriver på engelsk!:-)
This Fan Fiction is about the perfect summer for a directioner. The story is about romance, drama, laugh and loads more!:-) You can meet all the boys in this fanfic. and have fun, including making some really good friendship AND maybe a relationship, but you can only find out more by reading it:-) If you like it, then press the like button or you can favorite it:-) Thanks:-) x


12. The Perfect Summer (part 12)

In the letter you found a ticket. A flight ticket. He had sent you a flight ticket. You couldn't believe it. You texted Sean and told him the whole story.


Sean: ''Seriously?! You're going 2 be famous!:-O''

You: ''Don't say that! I'm still the ordinary little girl from an ordinary school!''


You were about to freak out! You didn't want to be famous! You will always be a ordinary girl! Sean keept texting you, but you didn't wanted to answer. So you decided to text your best friend.




After she said that you looked at your ticket again, you found out that the date to fly was tomorrow! You packed all your things with the same and called your mom, dad and sister for some reason? Your mom wasn't happy about you leaving alone, but your dad didn't care about it, you know how dads are. Your sister didn't picked up the phone so you took that as three yes's. 


You were on the way to the airport with your dad and sister. Your mom didn't want to come. You arrived at the airport 5 hours before you should fly. You walked in and looked around. A man in a black shirt pushed into the VIP's room. You sat there with no one, exept your dad and sister. They knowed every single detail about what was going on between you and Niall, not because you want them to know it, but because you had to tell them why you were leaving. The man in the black shirt came in again and pushed you, your dad and sister away from the room and into a long hall. You began to walk and came out to the entrance to the flight. You walked in and sat down, again another man came and pulled you into another room in the flight. You were chocked when you walked in that room, but you began to smile...

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