A kiss at midnight - One Direction

Camilla and Joanna is going to London for the summer, they are so excited! They go to Nandos, and they can't believe who they meet - One Direction! Niall asks Camilla on a date... And falls a little in love with her, they have the best week of her life, but she have to leave... What will happen?


3. Nandos


“Yeah!” I said quickly “I mean yes, thank you”

Harry just laughed at me

We walked over to the table next to them

“Hey guys, this is… I’m sorry, I never asked what your names are” Harry said

“Camilla, and that’s Joanna” I said

“I’m Harry” Harry said, took my hand and kissed it, while looking into my eyes. He was a big flirt…

“This is Zayn” He pointed, Zayn waved and said hey.

“Liam” Liam did the same thing

“Niall” Niall said hey with his mouth full of food, and his hands was full of food so he didn’t wave


“Hey loves” he said

“And I’m Harry” Harry said

“You already said that” I said while laughing

He sat down in front of me

“So how’s the chicken?” he asked

“Good” I said

Zayn handed me an insane hot chicken piece

“Try this” he said

I took a bit, and went “I should have taken the insane hot chicken, sorry Harry”

Zayn send Harry a smile

“Ah, it is fine” Harry said “We can’t always win”

“Not to sound weird” Liam said “But do you know who we are?”

“Know?!” I said “Oh I know! I’m a really big fan, so please don’t break up, cause last year Westlife did it, and I can’t take if two of my favourite bands breaks up, in 2 years”

Niall looked up at me when I said Westlife, he finally didn’t look at he’s food anymore

“Don’t worry” he said with his mouth full of food “We won’t”

“Good” I said with a smile

“So you like Westlife?” he asked

“I love Westlife!”

Niall walked up from his chair, whispered something in his ear, Harry left the seat and went to sit next to me, and Niall sat on Harry spot.

I looked at Niall, he just looked at me with a smile “What?” he said while smiling

Finally Joanna’s dad came, and the table got quiet

“Hello” he said “I have to pee” and he walked away

“Sorry, my dad is kind of random” Joanna said

“So, how long are you staying?” Niall asked

“A week” I said

“So how much have you seen so far?”

“ Nandos” I joked

“Well, that is the most important place to see” he laughed

“So I’ve heard”

“From whom?” he asked

“You” I smiled

“Do you want me to show you around tomorrow?” he asked

“Well, we’re going to visit Joanna’s fami…” Joanna shook her head

“I mean yes, I would love to” I said with a smile

“Okay, awesome” he said, he wrote he’s number on a paper, and gave me it.

“Text me, and we’ll figure out a time” he said and winked.

“Bye” they all said, as they left the table

“Bye love” Harry said and kissed my hand again

And they walked out of the door.

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