A kiss at midnight - One Direction

Camilla and Joanna is going to London for the summer, they are so excited! They go to Nandos, and they can't believe who they meet - One Direction! Niall asks Camilla on a date... And falls a little in love with her, they have the best week of her life, but she have to leave... What will happen?


2. Nandos


Early morning, okay it was around 10, but for me it was early. I got up, took a shower and put on a black pair of skinny jeans, a loose bright red top, lots of bracelets, and a long necklace. Joanna was already ready, but she also woke up at 9, so I wasn’t that slow.

“Let’s go” Joanna said.

I grabbed my bag, and we were out the door, we walked over to her dad’s room, knocked on the door, he opened it after a minute or something, and we were out of the incredible beautiful hotel.

We started of on a bustour around London, one of those red busses, where you could sit on the roof on, a double bus I think they call it, it was amazing.

It took 3 hours, so we got kind of hungry, there were I place I really wanted to go for lunch, cause I always heard Niall Horan from this band called One Diction talk about how good it was.

So we found a Nandos, Joanna and me were talking loud and in Danish as we walked in, even thou we promised each other not to talk in Danish on this trip, but we were talking about people there, so we didn’t wanted people to know that.  

We were talking and laughing so loud that we didn’t even noticed who walked in, cause I would probably have screamed.

I switched over to English again, just because…

“So what do you get here at Nandos?” I asked Joanna

Suddenly I heard a guys answer from the other side of me

“The hot chicken is good or just something hot” he said

I looked to my left and saw HARYY STYLES!!! He was giving me this cheesy smile, my heart skipped a beat!!! I screamed on the inside! And the way he said hot on! Wow!

Zayn Malik looked at me,

“Insane hot is better” he said and gave me the same cheesy smile Harry just gave me.

“Trust me” Harry said “Go with the hot, if you never had anything from here”

“Okay, I’ll get the hot chicken” I said, with a smile.

Harry looked at Zayn, but I didn’t see what he was doing, I would guess he smiled like “I won” kind of smile.

The guys went and sat down, me and Joanna ordered and sat down at the table close to them, but not too close, her dad still didn’t know what to have yet.

We decided to talk in Danish again, so the guys wouldn’t know we were talking about them.

Harry suddenly came over to our table, “Hey, we were just wondering what language you girls are speaking?”

“Guess” Joanna quickly said

“Oh” He said “It sounds kind of like Swedish?”

“Nope” She said



He started to think

I coughed while saying “It’s your neighbour country”

“Oh! Danish”

“Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner” I said

“You’re from Denmark?!

“Yeah” I said

“Well, I’m actually half English” Joanna said “My dad is from England, and doesn’t speak any Danish, and he’s right over there” She pointed

Harry looked “He looks kind of scary”

“He’s not so bad” I said

“Do you girls want to sit at the table next to ours?” 

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