A kiss at midnight - One Direction

Camilla and Joanna is going to London for the summer, they are so excited! They go to Nandos, and they can't believe who they meet - One Direction! Niall asks Camilla on a date... And falls a little in love with her, they have the best week of her life, but she have to leave... What will happen?


1. Summer love



“Finally!” I said to Joanna “summer vacation, you know what that means” I said with the biggest smile ever.

She looked at me and smiled as we were walking out of the classroom “LondonShe sang

We hugged our friends and wished them a good summer vacation, and we ran out of the school.

My mom was waiting in the car, so I hugged Joanna and said see ya in two hours at Joanna’s place.

When I came home, I ran up the stairs and packed as fast as I could, I always packed in the last minute, to be sure I didn’t forget anything.

One hour and 30 minutes later, I was over at Joanna’s house. I rang the door bell, and jumped around on the spot, cause I couldn’t wait!

She opened the door “CAMILLA!” she yelled. “ARE YOU READY?!” she added.

“I’m so ready!” I said “Are you and your dad?!”

“Oh yeah, let’s go!” Joanna said “Dad?! Are you ready?!”

“I’m ready” Joanna’s dad said. And we were off to the best week ever!

After 3 hours of driving, we were at the airport, we waited for 2 hours, till we finally got into the plane. We couldn’t stop taking about everything we were going to see.

We arrived to the London airport, we took our luggage, and we found a cab, which drove us to the hotel. It was a 5 stared hotel, it was big.

The lobby was bigger than my whole house! We walked over to the reception and got our roomkeys, Joanna’s dad had one room by him self, and me and Joanna shared a room.  

We walked into our room.

“Even this hotel room is bigger than my house!” I said

We looked at each other, dropped our luggage and ran to the bed and started to jump in it.

We’ve worked our asses off to get on this trip, I had 2 jobs for a year, and well she actually just got a trip with her dad, so…

I worked my ass off to get on this trip, let me say it like that instead.

It was already late, so we just ordered room service and ate in the hotel room, and then we decided to sleep, so we could be fresh for tomorrow.   

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