Seagull Island

Seagull Island is a magical place, a hunted place, nobody goes there if they can help it. I once thought it was all lies, just to keep people out but then last summer me and my best friend Ben decided to find answers, why did the boat full of nosey tourists go missing last year and why is there always the sound of seaqulls yet not one seagull is ever seen near the island?
Me and Ben went to find out and I wish we had never even gone near Seagull Island.


2. Chapter 2

" Sammy!" Mum called from the kitchen, "Ben is here, he is waiting outside, I don't want him inside with those muddy boots on." very clean my mother is our house praticly gleams.
" Hi Ben," I said sweeping my long hair into a high pony tail. " what's up?"
" Nothing much, just wanted see if you want to hang out." He replied, his sea green eyes sparkling. "Ok I'll get my coat, I'll be 3 seconds," I said rushing inside. " I'm just going out mum, I'll be back before 8'o'clock."
" Ready then? Race you to Seal Beach!" and with that he was of like the wind, his brown hair flying out behind him.

" Beat you again" I said flopping down on the sand, smiling triumphantly.
" I will most defiantly beat you at least once this summer," puffed Ben, catching his breath. That day was the happiest day I had in ages, we chatted for ages then we climbed over the rocks to our cave, we have been going ther since I was 5 and Ben was 6, it has been our cave for 10 years. "You know. I recon we could survive Seagull Island," Ben said leaning against the cave wall, "What do you think?" He said turning to me.
" I think it would be a suicide attempt " I chuckled " And I think you'd be mad to try."
The only problem with Ben is that he tends to think the impossible, like the time he said he could catch a fish with his bare hands, ohh ge tried, he spent a whole day trying eventually he gave up.
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