Seagull Island

Seagull Island is a magical place, a hunted place, nobody goes there if they can help it. I once thought it was all lies, just to keep people out but then last summer me and my best friend Ben decided to find answers, why did the boat full of nosey tourists go missing last year and why is there always the sound of seaqulls yet not one seagull is ever seen near the island?
Me and Ben went to find out and I wish we had never even gone near Seagull Island.


1. Chapter 1

Nobody knows why Seagull Island is called Seagull Island, it has always been Seagull Island although if you listen care fully you can hear seagulls squawking coming from The island, maybe that's how it got its name?
Seagull Island is about a 10 minuet boat trip from Shell Harbour. Only the craziest people go to Seagull Island, it is a haunted, magical place only one pearson has been there and been able to tell his tale and that is the old light house man: Lighthouse John, we call him. He went there 3 years ago to investigate the lighthouse on Seagull Island, my best friend Ben asked him ,while he was fishing on the pier, according to Ben, Lighthouse John called it a nightmare, hell itself. Lighthouse John also said there is a monster like no other, cable of killing anybody and anything.
A year ago Michell Green sailed over for a dare and was driven mad, he came staggering up Seal Beach a month later. Also a boat of tourist went to Seagull Island around the same time. They never came back.
Me and Ben wanted to find out, that's why, we spent our summer on Seal Beach woundering how to find out.
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