The little narwhal

FrOm the birth of a narwhal called jimmy to te end of its life. Little jimmy was taken away from his mum and takn to a zoo. He was trained to be a show animal, but one day something happened that changed jimmy's life.


3. The chase

Jimmy's mother kept on swimming towards the boat but could not catch it, as long as she kept it in her sight, she knew that she would never lose Jimmy. She saw land Jimmy's mother knew that if the boat stopped at land, if she could keep up with it she might just get Jimmy out of there. The at reached the harbour near the zoo, Jimmy's mother thought that he might be get tortured in the zoo I get trained a have a new owner and forget all about her. A tear ran down her eye she started to get really angry when she say him being taking to the zoo. She had a brainwave she thought that of it was te same man that took Jimmy's father that he might be in the zoo as well.
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