The little narwhal

FrOm the birth of a narwhal called jimmy to te end of its life. Little jimmy was taken away from his mum and takn to a zoo. He was trained to be a show animal, but one day something happened that changed jimmy's life.


4. Meeting dad and escaping

Poor Jimmy was thrown into a big pool of wate with one other narwhal and we t up to him and said " hi " the other narwhal looked like a familiar face, and it was because the other narwhal awnsered " Jimmy?" then Jimmy said " Dad Is it really you?" and his dad said "yes it's me son look ho big you've got and you even have a horn" "dad? How bad is it in here? Dad replied " oh it's really bad iv been trying to escape ever since I got captured" well now there is two of us and we can work together to escape how does that sound dad?" " sounds good to me " lets do this ". Jimmy's part section othe zoo was near the water so that was an advantage for them. When the zoo closed that afternoon dad broke the glass with his horn to get out, then they both leaped into the water and saw mother and swam to her and gave her a big massive SNOG!! The herd changed place in the sea so the zoo people didn't find th and they lived happily ever after.
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