Gemma wont know

Eliza and Gemma are sisters,Gemma has a boyfriend called Morgan but when Morgan kisses Eliza and the become a couple so they have to keep their relationship a secret.


1. The kiss

"Happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear Gemma happy birthday to you!"sang me,mum,dad,Zack and Spencer.Gemma is my older sister and today is her seventeenth birthday,im the second oldest my name is Eliza im sixteen,Zack is thirteen and Spencer is eleven.We are having a birthday party for Gemma tonight her boyfriend Morgan is coming,her best friend Sydney is comming,her other best friend Diana is comming and nearly everyone in her class.Her boyfriend Morgan is kind of cute,him and my sister are the perfect couple "aww thanks everone! Its an hour and a half intil the party!I gotta go and get changed!"she said and pushed us all out of the room,i opened the door and walked back into the room "hey!im getting changed!"she shouted but she was not angry "no way!we share the room,plus i gotta get changed"i said "done,you like my outfit?"she asked,i looked at her and she had on a Pink short dress on,lots of make up,pink high heels and her hair was out so you could see how long her hair was "wow"i exclaimed "thanks!"she said.I grabbed my blue t-shirt,black leather skirt and black pumps,i looked good.I went downstairs and everyone were already here,i looked into the kitchen and saw  Gemma's boyfriend Morgan getting a drink from the fridge "you enjoying the party so far?"i asked "yeah"he replied "can i talk to you?"asked Morgan "sure"i replied as Morgan led me up the stairs and into mine and Gemma's room "so what do you want to ask me?"i asked "you know i love Gemma right?"asked Morgan "yeah"i replied confused "well i like somone else as well"he said and my jaw dropped,how could he love somone as well as Gemma she was funny,pretty,loyal,kind and popular "who!?"i asked "you"replied Morgan as he put his lips against mine.His lips were soft and tasted good "what are you doing?!"i shouted as i pushed him away,even know he was much stronger then me i still made him nearly fall "i may like you but you are dating Gemma"i said a bit calmer now "i know i am but i love you and Gemma wont know she does not have to know"said Morgan "so if she does not know then will you be my other girlfriend?"asked Morgan,i looked into his georgeous green eyes and thought about what to say "okay"i answered even know i knew it was the wrong thing to do.He pressed his lips against mine again but this time i did not pull away.

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