Deep in the meadow

The hunger games fan fiction.

This story is based on the lives of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark after the hunger games.


2. Under the willow

I wake up when there is a large clatter coming from downstairs. Peeta must be baking. Cheese buns hopefully. I love his cheese buns a lot.  I run downstairs, and see the flour covering the floor. This had been there for a while though, it was all trodden on top of. It was like a decoration on the grey carpet. I walk to the kitchen, and find it empty. I look around for something to eat, but there is nothing in here. No buns, cakes or anything of the sort. I jump when another loud noise comes from the living room. I run into the living room, and see that it is an absolute mess. There is cutlery and crockery everywhere. They are lacking in one essential tool though. There is no knives. Peeta is sitting on the floor looking out of the window, nibbling on some stale bread. I dodge some cups and forks and sit down next to him. He doesn't even look up from his bread. "hi." He whispers. "Did you have a nice sleep?" I nod. How could he have gotten into this state without me noticing? "Yes," I reply "How are you." He looks at me. He has massive bags under his eyes "I'm sorry if I kept you awake last night." He shakes his head. "You didn't. I just haven't been sleeping well. You being with me helped me sleep." He breaks a piece off of his bread, and hands me it. I take it, and join him in his nibbling. "Thanks." He puts the rest of his bread on the floor, and turns to look at me. "Come stay at mines tonight. You can sleep properly there, and we can get a proper meal." He shakes his head. "I'm fine here." "No you aren't. You are as pale as the snow outside, you obviously haven't been eating properly." He starts to protest, but I cover his mouth. "No arguements," I say. I take his arm, and stand up. I get a proper look at him now. He was really pale. I force his shoes onto his feet. I forgot to bring my boots down, so I just threw a pair of his on. They were about two sizes to big, but I didn't care, we were only going next door.


As soon as we reach my house, I run to my living room, and light a fire. I sit down in front of it, and peeta sits next to me. I shuffle closer to him, and rest my head on his shoulder. "Peeta. You don't have to answer this, but, what... what did they do to you in.. . the capitol." He stops breathing. Just as I was starting to panick, He starts again. "well, they. They took a knife. and, made sure it was burning hot. And they cut..." His voice trails off. He takes his finger, and traces over two large, faded scars, one down the length of each arm. I take his left arm, and look at it. I kiss where the scar was, starting from the top of his arm, and working my way down to his arm, as if this would make him better. I do the same with his right arm, then place it around my shoulder."You know, um... I could bake with you." I whisper into his ear. He turns to face me. "It might... help you." He smiles. "Would you do that?" I nod. I stretch over to kiss him, but I'm interrupted by a knock at the door. "Wait here." I sigh. I plod over to the door, and swing it open. In front of me, stands someone who could be mistaken for my brother. Or my cousin. Someone with olive skin, dark hair, and grey eyes. He smiles at me, and says "Hey Catnip." I look him right in the eye, and reply, "Hey Gale."

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