Deep in the meadow

The hunger games fan fiction.

This story is based on the lives of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark after the hunger games.


3. A bed of Grass

"Are you gonna invite me in or what?" Gale asked after a couple minutes of me standing staring at him. "yes, come in." I usher him in, and go into the living room with him. He stops at the door. "So, are you two living together then?" He asks. Peeta turns around, suprised to hear Gale's voice again. "No. I'm just visiting." Gale nods, then sits down next to Peeta. I walk into the kitchen to let them talk, but I leave the door open wide enough so that I can hear them talking. I pretend to be making tea. No sugar for Peeta. Gale doesn't drink tea, so I got him water. I could only faintly hear parts of their conversation. Gale started. "So. Do you think that she..... Because I'd be fine with that."                      "I'm not sure. I only really started talking to her again.....  Because she.....  and we were sitting here when you came." Peeta answered. "So, what did you come..." He asked.    "It's Prim's.... I thought I'd come up and check on her. but she must be fine with you here." There was silence, so I walk back in and hand them their drinks. I sit down on the floor, opposite both of them. "So, Gale, How are you?" I look at him waiting for an answer. "I'm fine," He replies, "I came up here because I was worried about you." Why would I be upset? It would have been Prim's 14th birthday next week and he thinks I will be upset. Not with Peeta here. I look at Peeta, and he starts to blush, so I turn my gaze back to Gale. "I won't be upset. I will be celebrating. Like I will celebrate every single one of Prim's birthdays." There was silence. For the next few seconds, all I could hear was Peeta slurping his tea.  "Well. I'll be going then."

Gale drank his water all in the one glug, and stood up to leave. I shot up, and ran to the living room door to stop him. "No. You are going to stay here, and you will celebrate Prim's birthday with us." I say, angry with him for trying to leave already. "Us?" He says. I think over my last sentence. I look at Peeta's face to see him smiling at me. I meant Me and him. "Peeta and I. Peeta is going to bake a cake. aren't you?" Gale turned to face Peeta. I nodded, ushering him to continue the conversation. "Yes," He said "But it might not be my best, I'm a little rusty." Gale turned back around to look at me. "Can I speak to you in private please?" This was not a request. "One second Peeta." I say, and I close the living room door. Gale walks right up to me, and whispers in my ear, "I still love you." I take a step back, and look him right in the eye. "I can't get you off my mind. That's why I came up here." I frown. "You came here to get me at my weakest moment since the rebellion? You thought you could win me over by waltzing back into my life? Well you were wrong. Just leave Gale. I cannot believe you." And with that, He walked out of the front door.

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