Finding Kate

Title: Finding Kate
Fandom: CSI Miami
Pairing: Tim Speedle/OC
Rating: T for now, M later on
Synopsis: Leaving was one of the hardest things she had to do but it was nothing compared to coming back. S1 onwards.


4. What Comes Of Coffee

Chapter Four: What Comes Of Coffee


I love the way she fills her clothes

She looks just like them girls in vogue

I love the way she plays it cool

I think that she is beautiful

She's so lovely

She's so lovely

Scouting For Girls – She's So Lovely


Eric checked his watch for the third time in fifteen minutes. Kate was late. He was pacing up and down the reception area, clad in an expensive white shirt that contrasted against his dark jeans. It was unbuttoned at the top revealing a generous expanse of chest. Eric checked his watch again, glancing up as the lift pinged before it's doors opened.


Eric's face fell as Speed stepped out, gaze shifting up for the report in his hand to the agitated Cuban in front of him. His head tilted taking in the full extend of Delko's attire. He'd known the other man long enough to know his dressing habits, and he definitely wasn't dressed for work.


"You got a hot date tonight or something?" Speed asked, crossing his arms over his chest, his file still clasped in one hand.


A playful grin spread across Eric's face.


"Hotter than what you'll be doing sitting at home alone tonight." Eric teased his friend.


Speed smacked the other man with the file in his hand.


"You're real funny, you know that?" he shot back.


"That's what the ladies tell me." Eric winked.


"This one blind?" Speed smirked.


"She does a mighty fine job if she is." Eric snorted.


"Ok where did you meet this fine specimen of womanhood?" Speed asked with a sarcastic edge to his voice.


He knew what kind of girls Eric picked up and he was not impressed by his friend's taste in women so far. Yet he knew Eric wasn't looking for anything that really extended behind one night.


"Right here. I'm taking Kate out for the night…" Eric informed Speed.


Speed stared at the younger man in utter shock. His eyebrows furrowing together in disbelief.


"Kate? Your taking Kate Callahan out tonight on a date?" Speed questioned, giving Eric the stare he used in the interrogation room.


"It's not really a date… At least it isn't yet but I'm pretty confident I can change her mind." Eric beamed not sensing Speed's discomfort.


Speed pursed his lips, before suddenly making a decision. His eyes were back on his file as he spoke in a low tone for Eric's ears only.


"If you know what's good for you, and if you want to keep even a shred of your heart and a portion of your sanity and dignity, you'd take my advice. Forget about her, move on to someone else. Lots of girls out there that won't fuck with your head. That shit just isn't worth it."


Delko glared at Speed affronted by his words, his hands on his hips as he stepped closer to the other man.


"What the hell are you so bitter about?"


"Trust me on this one don't go there." Speed warned Delko, clenching his jaw tightly.


"Has it ever occurred to you that what happened between you and her was 'cause maybe she just wasn't that into you? Maybe all she needs is the right guy to..."


"Hey, sorry I'm late; I got caught up in DNA." Kate was hurrying towards them.


Her dark hair was loose and free flowing behind her, as she slipped her thin wallet into the back pocket of her skin tight black denim jeans. She was wearing a cream almost transparent chiffon blouse, the neckline came to a halt just past Kate's bra line and was laced together with black ribbon tied in a bow so not to reveal too much skin.


Speedle shook his head and rolled his eyes.


Typical New York fashion he thought, but he had to admit in her outfit, set off with a the peep toe heels, she looked absolutely stunning. The worst part about it was the fact she didn't seem to know it. She looked relaxed and at ease standing there riffling through her bag, like this was the most natural thing in the world. He couldn't help feeling a pang of jealousy in his chest she was beautiful and he missed the teasing and the humour that used to be between them.


Yet when he looked at her he knew she was different now. There was a stiffness in the way she moved, like she wasn't comfortable in her own skin. The innocence that once shone in her eyes was gone and replaced by something else, a deep set wistfulness. He knew she'd experienced something, something that had taken the spark right out of her, something she was struggling to live with.


Kate's evergreen eyes rose to meet his as she tugged a book out of her bag and held it out to him. Tim recoiled surprised, before tilting his head downwards to read the title as he took it from her.


"I found it when I was going through some old things last night. I thought you'd want it back considering you only lent it to me to get through the final exams." Kate's smile was genuine and filled with warmth.


He found himself staring down at the text book resting in his hands.


He remembered sitting in her apartment back in Columbia, he was on the couch, her body leaning against him as he flicked through the channels. She was scanning through their text books with renewed fury. She was paranoid about the exams and was stressing herself out constantly over them. It was in the midst of one of her rants; he'd silenced her with a chaste kiss and pushed the shiny blue text book towards her, telling her to take it, it had worked wonders for him.


"Thank you." Speed nodded, swallowing hard at the emotion that the memory had brought back.


His chest felt tight, his jaw clenched as he tried to breath.


"We better get going, we're already running late." Delko inserted into the conversation, his eyes on Speed, his expression unimpressed.


Tim looked away down the corridor, trying to distance himself from the situation and his feelings.


"Yea I've got some Trace to run. Hope you guys have a great time." He heard himself mutter before his legs carried him away from the reception area, that book clasped tightly to his heart.


The book was looking at him… He was sure of it.


He'd set it down on the work bench next to him before slipping on his head phones and continuing his work at the microscope. Yet again he felt his gaze slipping towards the closed blue book resting merely inches away from his right hand.


He was being stupid, he knew he was. Yet part of him hoped that she'd given him the book back for a reason.


Tim let out a deep sigh. He was stronger than this. Or so he thought.


Yet the book was in his hands now, his fingers flicking through the pages until he came to place that appeared to be marked with something. He turned the page gingerly.


There it was… he hadn't even realized he was looking for it until he found it nestled there between the pages.


A small single photograph.


He found himself smiling as his fingers brushed over it. Kate's smiling face looking up at him, as she laughed at something he'd said behind the camera. Her hair was wild and wavy from a day at the beach, the knot on her lilac bikini top still peeking out over the grey jumper he'd lent her when the air had cooled.


He'd taken a lot of pictures in those days. Always carrying a camera with him, always with her. He loved snapping shots of her when they were together, making memories he had thought at the time. Things to look on when they were married, something to show the kids.


He used to use photographs as book marks, something to carry around, a reminder of what happiness had felt like. Now staring at the thin glossy paper he felt the pangs of regret creeping into his heart. And he hated it.


Tim slammed the book shut, the photograph trapped again between the pages, sealing the memories back up in his mind. He didn't want to feel anything for her, he wanted this to end. He couldn't stomach the thought of Delko and her together, he hated the fact the two of them were out right now doing God knows what with each other.


With a heavy heart he set the book back down on the table and pushed it as far away from himself as he could.


The night had been wonderful and more than I could have hoped. Eric had taken us to a new club on the sea front that ran a regular Salsa Party. One quiet drink had turned into two, and so on.


Half way through the night I found myself being pulled to my feet by Eric and being led to the dance floor. I'd protested at first I barely knew the steps of Salsa and some of the people on the floor were practically professional. Yet Eric had looped his arm around my waist and guided me, by the end of the night we were dancing as well as the rest of them.


The best part abut the whole thing was that Eric hadn't over stepped his boundaries, he'd been the perfect gentleman all night and I enjoyed being around someone who didn't make me feel awkward or under pressure.


I felt exhilarated by the fact I'd made a new friend, someone that made me feel good about myself and confident without wanted anything more.


"You're a good teacher." I grinned at Eric as he pulled up outside my house as we talked about the Salsa.


"My sisters used to use me for practice while they were learning; I picked it up pretty easily. So I had good teachers too." He told me with as modest smile.


"I imagine it was hard for you growing up with three sisters, all that oestrogen..." I teased.


Eric grinned and shook his head.


"It was a lot of fun, they used me as their Ken doll from time to time, but I think I appreciate and respect women a lot more because I grew up with them. I think your neighbours are probably getting a little curious about why we're still sitting here inside the car with the engine running." Eric remarked as we saw a curtain twitch in the window of the house next door.


"That would be the problems of living in such a quiet neighbourhood. You wanna come in for coffee? I don't have that Coco Cabana stuff you like, but I probably have some sort of coffee." I said with a bright smile, undoing my seat belt.


"I'd love to." Eric replied, switching off the engine.


"You have a wonderful home; I would barely be able to afford the rent on this place." Eric called out as I picked up the two coffee cups and brought them through from he kitchen.


"I own it would you believe, the insurance from my other house covered this place and I had a little spare change left over from my trust fund, hence why I managed to buy some half way decent furniture." I told him as I stepped through the archway, coffee cups in hand. Eric reached up from his position on the leather sofa to take one from me.


"Thanks." He murmured his eyes on mine as our fingers touched.


I settled down on the sofa next to him making myself comfortable, I could feel his gaze on me as I sipped from the white porcelain.


"So tell me a bit about yourself." Eric said as he set his coffee cup down next to the sofa and turned his body to face me.

I took a long sip for my own drink before doing the same.


"There's not much to tell really. I grew up here in Miami, my parents were killed after I left high school, I went onto college and then into the academy. I always wanted to be a cop. My dad was a cop and he would come back with the most fantastic stories. I always loved that about him." I rested my head against the couch as I spoke.


"No siblings?" Eric asked.

"No, I can successfully state I am an only child. I think my mom used to make me play a lot around other kids, hence why I'm not all spoilt and have adequate social skills." I said thoughtfully.


"So I can see, you play well with others." Eric smirked.


He was leaning in now, his dark eyes in mine before straying to my lips. He brushed back a stray strand of hair behind my ear.


"Erm…I…" I had no idea what I was going to say but in the end it didn't matter anyway.


Eric's lips were on mine, his hands moving to my hips. His thumbs were brushing the soft bare skin on display, making me press myself against him. My hands running through his short hair. I moaned as Eric's tongue found mine, his hand straying under my shirt now as I found myself on my back with Eric on top of me, hands roaming over my breasts. I tilted my head back as Eric nuzzled my neck, his hand slipping lower as he undid the button on my jeans. His hand slid further down caressing me through my panties, I moaned out loud, bucking against his hand as he moved the panties aside and slipped his fingers inside me. I arched against him, my nails digging into his arm.


It had been a long time since I'd let anyone touch me like that.


Eric was kissing my lips again hungrily, his rhythm getting faster and faster bringing me close and closer. I could my own breathing ragged as I moved against his fingers.


This felt so good, but it didn't feel right.


As the first wave pleasure hit me, I suddenly heard myself say stop.


Eric hated immediately, pulling his lips away from my neck again eyes on me.


"Stop?" he echoed, as if trying to make sense of the situation.


I nodded.


"You seem to be enjoying it." He murmured in a husky vice, beginning to move his fingers inside me again.


I grabbed his wrist, fingers on his pressure points.


"You don't move that hand and you going to be explaining to Horatio why you're coming into work with a broken wrist tomorrow." I informed him coldly.


Eric did as he was told before removing his body from mine and trying to compose himself in the opposite side of the couch.


"I wasn't going to hurt you." He said looking at his hands as I fastened the button on my jeans.


"I know…it's just…. I can't." I told him, moving into a sitting position on my side of the couch, raking my hands through my hair. "I just can' do it, I can't trust myself around other people…I have things…issues I need to work on and you shouldn't have to be part of that."


Eric nodded, before glancing at me.


"I wanted to show you, you could have a bit of fun without Speedle." He murmured.


I shook my head wrapping my arms around myself.


"This isn't about Speedle."


Eric let out a deep sigh, clasping his hands together.


"He must have fucked you over pretty damn good for you to be this hot under the collar about him."


I turned my head to Eric frowning at his assumption.


"He didn't do anything wrong." I protested.


"Don't defend him. Tell me what he did." Eric's eyes met mine as I stared at him exasperated.


"It wasn't him, it was me, it was what I did." I said softly.


"Ok. What did you do?" Eric looked at me pointedly.


I felt my temper flare at his persistence.


"What happened between me and Tim id none of your business, but in his defence I screwed him over, not the other way around." I admitted, my gaze n my hands now.


"Yea and I'm guessing he's still pretty pissed off about that." Delko remarked.


"I wouldn't know, ask him yourself." I reminded him.


"I'd get the same response I imagine."


"Take a hint and move onto something else." I told him frustrated.


Eric was on his feet looking down at me, his eyes narrowing.


"You wanna fawn over some guy who hates your guts then fine, but you need to learn how to move on." He retorted, jabbing a finger at me.


I raised to my feet my eyes blazing.


"I'll move on when I'm damn well ready. You should leave before you make this any more uncomfortable." I responded, pointing at the door.


Delko snatched his jacket up off the arm of the sofa and moved towards the front door, me trailing behind him. As I held the door open, he yanked on his jacket and turned to face me.


"Well I had a lovely evening until I realized how much you managed to fuck up one of my friends."


I crossed my arms over my chest, staring at him incredulously.


"If you were that much of a great friend why did you come here and try this?" I exclaimed.


"I didn't realize how much of a screwed up relationship you guys had. I thought you were gonna be more than a casual fuck." Eric informed me, looking me up and down in distain.


"I don't want anything; I just want to do what's right for me for me for a change." I told him frustrated, fists clenching as the words rang true.


Eric's eyes were on me, studying me trying to understand. I bit my bottom lip, turning my head away ashamed at my outburst.


"You really got screwed up when you were undercover didn't you?" he said in a low tone.


I couldn't bring myself to look at him as I wrapped my arms around myself.


"More than you'll ever know. I need to fix myself before I can fix anyone else." I said honestly, feeling numbness creeping back into my soul.


"I'm not gonna wait around Kate." Delko said quietly.


I turned my gaze onto him, frowning.


"I don't expect you to." I told him straight.


Delko nodded his response, before turning on his heel and stalking back towards his car, keys dangling from his fingers.


I shut the door quietly and slumped against it for a second.


Why could things never go right?

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