A young holy paladin from the Agrent Crusade returns to her home in Silvermoon City for a few days after a long and brutal campaign in Northrend. As she struggles to come to terms with what has happened over the last two years new events are taking place that will once again change her life forever.


6. Resolve

One month later an armada of ships landed on the southern shores of the Twilight Highlands bearing the flag of the Argent Crusade.  Upon learning of the return of Deathwing and the destruction that was caused by the Twilight’s Hammer, orders had been given to lay siege to the Bastion of Twilight and bring those responsible to justice.  The sun had begun to rise and Meril opened her eyes after trying to get what little rest she could before the fighting began.


As they marched onwards everyone except her had their eyes on the darkened skies filled with hundreds of twilight drakes racing to intercept them.  She was smiling down at the rose that Thalion had given her not so long ago held carefully in her gauntlet.


“Mages!  Prepare barrier spells!”


She closed her eyes and in her mind she was once again in his loving arms.


“Archers!  Take aim!  Fire, bring those bloody bastards down!”


Under the roar of a massive halo of arrows, she opened her eyes and carefully placed the rose inside her breastplate so that it would next to her heart.  Her attention then fell upon the horde of cultists now coming towards them and engaging the soldiers in front of her.  She gave a wicked smile and gracefully slid off her horse landing firmly on the ground as a group of cultists charged towards her.


“Come forth my guardian of light!” she cried to the heavens.


In a blinding flash a large and powerful angelic warrior appeared and sliced through them without any effort while she made her way to the fallen crusaders.  Her hands began to glow with a blinding and intense golden light as she began to cast her most powerful healing spells.  Her brothers and sisters got back on their feet to press on while Meril just stood there smiling.  The battle had only begun and she knew that she would not fall this day.  She would fight.  She would survive.  And she would return to her childhood friend and the man she loved so dearly.

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