A young holy paladin from the Agrent Crusade returns to her home in Silvermoon City for a few days after a long and brutal campaign in Northrend. As she struggles to come to terms with what has happened over the last two years new events are taking place that will once again change her life forever.


3. Reflection

It was late in the afternoon and Meril found herself sitting on her bed and staring out the window deep in thought about her earlier conversation with Thalion.  She had wanted to avoid him so she could keep what had happened to herself.  Letting it out was as if a very heavy weight had been lifted from her heart and she was happy to have been able to share it when him.


She then turned her gaze to the foot of the bed where a now old and faded little stuffed hawkstrider lay.  Her father gave it to her as a present many years ago and it had been her most cherished possession as a child.  That day she had taken it to the park near her house to play with.


She spent all day pretending it could fly or was her trusty mount leading her into battle just like her father until she suddenly realized that the sun had set and it was getting dark.  No longer happy and now quite frightened she started to make her way home but soon became lost and didn’t know where she was.  It was completely dark except for some light from a nearby lamppost.  She huddled under it and began to cry.


“Are you alright?”


Startled, she looked up and saw a boy maybe five or six years older standing over her.  He smiled and sat down next to her.


“My name is Thalion, what’s yours?”


“M… M…  Meril,” she whimpered.


“Do you know how to get home?”




Thalion stood up and held out his hand.


“C’mon, I’ll help you back.”


After walking down a few streets they heard Meril’s name being called out from a distance.  It was her parents who had been frantically looking for her.  To their relief they saw her holding Thalion’s hand and ran towards them.


“Thank goodness!” her mother cried out as she took Meril into her arms.


From that day on, Meril and Thalion were the best of friends.  That night changed her and it made her to never want to be alone and frightened like she was ever again.  She drew strength from it as it defined her and who she was to become.  Even as she lay dying in a god-forsaken frozen wasteland taking what she thought were her final breaths there was never doubt in her mind of who she was until now.


She had never really given much thought before about how important he was to her until now.  As close as she felt to him, she found him to be very irritating at times.  He made her feel weak acting as if she couldn’t take care of herself, but now knew it was because he cared a great deal about her.  The idea of him not being a part of her life left her feeling somewhat empty and questioning how she really felt.


“Well, who is he?”


“Mother!  How long have you been standing there?”


“I’m sorry if I startled you, dear.  But long enough to recognize that look on your face.”


Meril sighed.  “It’s Thalion.  I meet him while I was out earlier.”


“I’m glad he found you, dear.  He’s been asking if there was any word from you nearly every day since you left.”


Meril smiled and talked about her conversation with Thalion, taking care to leave out certain details that would only upset her mother.


“I always did like that boy,” her mother said.


“It’s better if I didn’t see him tonight.  I just don’t know what to do and I don’t want to hurt him anymore…”


“Did I ever tell you how I ended up with your father?  I was walking home one day and saw this very handsome Blood Knight and said to myself that’s who I’m going to marry.  I chased after him until he said yes!”


Meril sighed.  “What does this have to do with Thalion?”


“I had my heart set on your father from the first day I saw him.  You need to ask yours about Thalion and then follow it.  Don’t worry about what might or might not happen, just enjoy the time that’s been given to you before it’s gone forever.  I’ll leave you alone now.”


Meril picked up her little hawkstrider and held it tightly against her chest.  She knew she had been trying to hide her true feelings for Thalion for the same reason he had hid his from her.  But she also knew her mother was right so she asked her own heart what to do.  Her answer came quickly.

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