A young holy paladin from the Agrent Crusade returns to her home in Silvermoon City for a few days after a long and brutal campaign in Northrend. As she struggles to come to terms with what has happened over the last two years new events are taking place that will once again change her life forever.


1. Arrival

The first rays of sunshine began to peek into Meril’s room along with a cool, yet gentle breeze from her open window.  She opened her eyes and looked outside at a bird singing on a nearby branch and smiled.  It was her first full day back in Silvermoon City on a short leave of absence from her duties as a holy paladin in the Argent Crusade.


As with many of her brothers and sisters, Meril had decided to return home to see her family after a long and brutal campaign in Northrend.  While there was still much work to be done she was still very happy to have some time to spend with her mother and sister.  She had missed them dearly while she was away and welcomed the chance to go home and rest.


She had arrived in the evening later than expected the night before, but her mother had kept dinner warm and was quite pleased to see her.  Her sister Nariel was also waiting and greeted her with a hug as she walked through the door.  After a quiet dinner and some catching up, Meril went upstairs to her old room that her mother had prepared.  It still looked exactly the same as the day she left and smiled as she sat down on the side of her bed and slid her shoes off.  She was exhausted and after resting her head on a pillow for only a moment she quickly fell asleep.


“Accursed broom!”


Meril sat up and laughed.  She had no idea why her mother had kept it after all these years instead of getting a replacement.  The enchantment had never worked right and as long as she could remember her mother had been fussing how it never cleaned where it was told to.  Meril cleaned herself up, changed clothes, and then went downstairs as her mother tried to shove the broom into the closet.


“You’re not wearing those plain clothes from the monastery are you dear?”


"It’s not a monastery, mother,” Meril answered slightly annoyed.  “And I happen to like these plain clothes.  They’re quite comfortable.”


“You should at least wear a dress from time to time, dear.  You’re much, too pretty.  There’s some fruit on the table if you’d like something to eat, dear.”


Meril sighed and followed her mother into the kitchen.  She sat down at the table then poured herself a glass of water and took a handful of freshly picked berries from the bowl.  It was nearly time for Nariel to arrive and before she went to bed and while half asleep she promised that she would go shopping with her.  It wasn’t something she really enjoyed that much, but it was a good excuse to spend the morning with her sister.


“She’s running late?” Meril asked as her mother sat down on the other side of the table.


“No dear, Nariel came by earlier while you were still asleep saying she had to take care of something.  She didn’t want to wake you and said you should go ahead without her.”


“Wonderful,” Meril frowned.  “I was only going so I could spend some time with her.  She knows I can’t stay very long.”


“You should still go.  You haven’t been home for a very long time and it will do you some good to see the city again.  Besides, you might meet someone cute!” laughed Meril’s mother.


“Sorry to disappoint you mother but Nariel will be getting married and having a family long before I will,” she sighed.  “I know you mean well, but I just don’t have time for that now.  The scourge caused so much damage and it’s going to take a long time for us to rebuild.”


“I almost forgot!” said Meril’s mother as if she hadn’t heard a single word of what her daughter had just spoken.  She stood and picked up a white box up on the shelf behind her and placed it on the table.


“What’s this?” asked Meril, a little bit surprised.


“Open it, dear, I hope you like it.”


Meril set her glass down and removed the lid.  She looked inside under the wrappings and saw a carefully folded scarlet red Sin’dorei robe.  She sighed and placed the lid back on top.


“It’s lovely, mother, but I told you I’m happy with what I already have on and this is much too formal.”


Disappointed, Meril’s mother placed her hand on her daughter’s shoulder and sighed.  “Alright dear, alright.  I’ll place them in your room in case you want them later.”  She picked up the box and headed upstairs.


Meril shook her head and then cleaned up the table before walking towards the front door.  “I’m leaving now, mother!” she called out.  “I won’t be gone long!”

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