Skin Deep

Title: Skin Deep
Fandom: CSI NY
Pairing: Danny Messer/OC
Rating: M
Synopsis: When Blue Blood meets Blue Collar, neither thought they would ever be able to work together. But sometimes, class takes a backseat to love & passion, hopes & dreams & you will discover that in the NYPD, you're all the same shade of blue.


2. COTN: Robin Prescott

Chapter Two: Creatures of the Night


I watch the heavens and I find a calling Something I can do to change this moment Stay close to me while the sky is falling Don't wanna be left alone, don't wanna be alone

Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire


The car ride to the hospital was filled with tension and one of the most awkward silences that either of the two women had ever experienced. Sam had been driving the truck since they'd left the crime scene. They'd stopped by Mia's place on the Upper East Side so Mia could get changed, she reappeared again in black pinstriped trousers and a crisp white designer shirt, her deep red hair tied back in a messy bun. Sam eyed her, before turning her face back towards the windshield and starting the engine again.


"So, you have a six year old daughter?" Mia remarked, trying to break the ice.


"Yea her name's Teagan, she's pretty smart for her age."


"Takes after you then?" Mia said with a small smile.


Sam gave the other woman a suspicious glance before returning her eyes to the wheel.


"I just meant you have to be smart to do this job." Mia explained, finding herself feeling frustrated already at the reception she was receiving from the NYPD.


"Yea she takes after me, got her father's eyes though. Actually, her father's everything. Looking at her, she's all him. Even her attitude. I just carried her for nine months. " Sam shared.


"You must have had her pretty young then, your not too old yourself." Mia commented, taking her compact out and using a baby wipe to take of the bright lipstick that stained her lips.


"He was my childhood sweetheart. I got pregnant in college." Sam informed the other woman as Mia began to remove her eye make up.


"It's good that you and your husband are still together, a lot of people don't make it from that age." Mia said her eyes on her reflection as she artfully removed the rest of the makeup.


"I'm not married. We broke up after he found out I was pregnant. He's a good father; he's still in his daughter's life, pays child support and takes care of her. His parents look after Teagan when we both have to work." Sam revealed, as Mia shut the compact and turned towards her.


"It must have been hard for you." Mia said sympathetically.


Sam despised the pity in her voice, she didn't need this woman's sympathy. Especially when it was obvious that this woman knew nothing about the hardships that life held.


"Harder than being born into the life that you were." Sam shot back as they pulled into the hospital parking lot.


"I can't help having money." Mia returned, her eyes meeting Sam's as the other woman undid her seat belt.


"But you can help how you treat other people because of it." Sam retorted. "And you walk around like the world owes you something."


"I'll tell you what." Mia spoke as she bent down to grab her Crime Scene case. "You cut me some slack and I promise I will work on my attitude."


"I know your not here to make friends, but this job is a hell of a lot easier if you try to make some." Sam advised as she locked the SUV.


The two women, walked towards the hospital, crime kits hanging in their hands as they strode towards the entrance.


"How'd you manage to continue your degree and juggle the kid at the same time?" Mia asked curiously, feeling herself warm a little to Sam Ross.


"My dad and my step mom helped me out a little. And my ex's parents did too. They gave me a little money to better myself; I got my Master's and then went straight into the job. It's important to me to earn enough to keep me and the baby afloat even without the father's help." Sam divulged.


Mia had to admit she commended the other woman's dedication. She'd always had money to rely on, sometimes she wondered how different she'd be from normal people if it hadn't been there as a safety net in the background. She didn't spend as frivolously as most kids with rich parents, her father had always made sure she knew the value of money and had learned to work for it.


"Good way to be. Independent woman in a twenty first century world, have to hand it to you Sam, a lot of women wouldn't have the strength to get back on their feet the way you have." Mia told her as they walked through towards the automatic doors leading into the ER.


"So what made you move into law enforcement? No offense but with the money you seem to have, you probably have a lot more opportunities than most." Sam spoke bluntly.


Mia bowed her head smirking; she liked the girl from Queens's directness.


"I wanted to prove to myself that there was more to life than parties and finding the best bachelor. Plus it's more adventurous than being someone's future stay at home and spend the money wife. Truth be told, I enjoy the fact my mother's throwing a fit over the fact I decided to be a cop, she had her way I'd be married to New York's finest bachelor with a grandkid on the way." Mia admitted, not even sounding remotely embarrassed about her reasoning.


"For most people it's to protect and serve," Sam pointed out.


"You're doing it to provide a future for your daughter and to prove you can too." Mia returned, with a small smile as they pushed through the double doors towards reception.


"My dad was a cop too; I basically grew up around the NYPD. Adam, my brother, was always the scholar of us kids. I was always gonna follow in my father's foot steps, it just took a little longer to get here than I expected." Sam revealed as the two women strode towards the desk.


"Still got there though." Mia returned as she stepped up to the reception desk and observed Sam as she did all the talking.


She knew she could learn a lot from this woman and she knew she was going to do just that. So she watched Sam as she worked the nurse and got them a backstage pass to go see Robin Prescott.


It was outside the door of Robin's private room before the two women spoke again. Sam paused as she reached for the door handle, before twisting her head towards the new CSI, her golden eyes studying her intently.


"I'm going to talk you through this one. You know what you're going to be doing first?" Sam questioned, testing the other woman.


"Take the pictures, ask the questions and then collect the clothes and run a sexual assault kit?" Mia waited for Sam to confirm her answer.


"Take it this will be your first time?"


Mia swallowed hard before nodding.


Sam noticed despite the fact Mia tried to hide it.


"Any questions you have you can just ask. If you feel uncomfortable I can take over but if you can't do something as simple as a rape kit, you may as well not be here. The victims rely on us to help gather all the evidence we can in order to catch their attackers, and this is essential to your probation." Sam reminded Mia as she turned the door handle.


"I can handle it." Mia enforced.


Sam nodded before opening the door to Robin's room and stepping inside. Mia was a single step behind her; she stepped through the door before closing it behind her.


"Hi Robin, we're from the Crime Lab. This is Detective Auster and I'm Detective Ross. We're here to gather some evidence to see if we can find out who attacked you." Sam was firm but her tone was soft.


She was already at Robin's bedside, giving the young woman a warm smile as Robin's eyes strayed from Sam and lingered on Mia.


"You're the one that caught me…You look different now…fresh faced." Robin croaked as Mia stepped towards the bed and set her kit down on the seat next to it.


"You know how it is when you take off the make up." Mia returned opening her camera case.


"I always smear it across my face when I use a baby wipe…" Robin murmured.


"It took me a long time to learn how to not do that." Mia replied light-heartedly before picking up the camera.


"Robin, do you understand what Detective Auster's about to do?" Sam spoke quietly; bring the reality of the previous event back into the room.


Robin nodded.


"You're going to take pictures." She said weakly.


"We're going to try and use them to piece together the evidence and find out what happened to you." Mia answered. "Can you sit up?"


Robin moved stiffly, it was obvious that she was in an agonizing amount of pain; Mia used the zoom to get a better shot of her wrists as she crossed them over. She stood subjective photographing wrists, the bruising on her face and then the rest of her body.


"Thank you." Mia said as Robin shifted back onto the bed.


"Do you remember anything about the attack?" Sam asked when Robin had got her self settled again.


"I don't know what happened to me." Robin whimpered as Mia's expression turned serious.


"Are you willing to consent to a sexual assault test?" Sam inquired in a light tone.


"You think I was assaulted?" Robin exclaimed meekly.


"I think you do too." Sam replied as Robin bowed her head and clutched at the sheets.


Sam reached out and took the younger woman's hand in her own. Robin stared at Sam's small fingers before raising her eyes.


"I'll be here the whole time." Sam told the other girl kindly.


Robin gave Mia the nod before leaning back and drawing up the blanket for Mia to begin the examination. Mia delved into her kit before taking out the implements.


"I'll try to be gentle." She promised, taking a deep breath to prepare herself and get on with the examination.



Samantha had fallen asleep. She'd gone down to the lunch room at the lab after returning from the hospital at a quarter to one in the morning with all the intention on starting her initial report while the new girl started on trace with Danny. The sexual assault kit had been sent to DNA and it could take hours, sometimes even days depending on if there was a back log or not, to get results back.


Sam had made the mistake of resting her head on the table and closing her eyes for a brief moment. That brief moment had unknowingly spread into two hours. Night shift sucked. There were no other words for it. She couldn't seem to get her body adjusted no matter how hard she tried. And it was hard to keep proper daytime sleep with a six year old to get to and from school and fed and then shipped off to her grandparents for the night.


She stirred to the smell of fresh coffee and someone stroking her hair. It was that last part that startled her. Her head shot up from where it had been resting on her forearm and her sleepy eyes focused on Flack standing alongside of her chair.


"Do you mind?" Sam asked, pushing his hand off of the back of her hair.


"You usually don't." Flack responded.


"Well today I do. You can't seem to make up your mind what you want, why should I be any different?"


"You're not complaining at them time. In fact, you're into it and like it just as much as I do."


In spite of herself, Sam felt her cheeks flush. "Did you wake me up just for this? To discuss our fuck buddy status or were you hoping to find an unoccupied janitor's closet somewhere?"


"As much as I could use that right now," Flack said with a sigh. "I came to talk. And I brought a peace offering." He gestured to the small brown paper bag and the steaming take out cup of tea sitting on the table.


"I didn't realize you had something to make peace about." Sam commented, reaching for the bag and opening it and peering inside. "Chocolate chip." She said with an impressed nod and reached in to pull out the muffin.


"Always was your favourite." He said and sat down in the chair next to her.


"Thanks..." she said, sipping the tea. "And what is it you want to hear from me, Don?"


"Nothing. You said enough three mornings ago."


"And you did enough when I saw you leaving with that blond haired skanky receptionist or whatever the hell she is from the station house."


"Sam, we never said we were a couple." Flack said gently.


"And we never said we weren't, either." She retorted.


He sighed heavily and sipped his coffee. "What do you want from me, Samantha?" he asked, trying hard to keep the irritation from seeping into his voice.


"I thought you wanted me. And that I wanted you. Only I don't think either of us even know anymore what we want. And we keep doing what we've been doing for nearly three years and we're not only going to hurt ourselves, we're going to hurt our daughter. And she doesn't deserve that."


"You said that things were okay with us the way they were." Flack reminded her.


"They are...they were...see how confused I am? You show up at my place time and time again and we have sex and I'll give you credit, it's amazing sex, but afterwards you start making promises about us being a regular family and you never follow through on those promises."


Flack sighed heavily. He wasn't proud of himself for the way he'd handled things over the last seven years. Starting with dumping her when they found out she was having a baby.


"And you don't just make them to me, Don. You make them to Teagan too. And she worships the ground you walk on and believes in her heart of hearts that you're telling the truth when you tell her one day we'll all be together."


"Because we will be, Sam. When things are secure financially and you and I learn to get along better. You know we're at each others throats when we live in the same place together. We tried that, remember? How long did it last? Six months?"


"We were kids then, Don. I was eighteen. You were twenty and fresh out of the academy. We were babies ourselves. Babies taking care of a baby."


"Just give me some time, Samantha. Give us some time. That's all I'm asking for here."


She sighed. Knowing for her own good and that of her daughter she should just tell him to go to hell and be happy with all the trampy, insanely dumb bimbos he seemed to be drawn to. Just accept the fact that there was never going to be anything more between them and the more she gave in and let him into her bed without a hassle, the more he'd take that for granted. But she did love him. He was her childhood sweetheart. The first of everything. The father of her child. And letting go and moving on was both scary and painful.


And a hell of a lot harder than it looked.


"Fine." She said. "But I'm warning you, Don. I can't keep doing this to myself or Teagan. You have to make up your mind. Shit or get off the pot. Soon."


"I will." He promised her and reached out and pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear.


"We're working." She reminded him and jerked her head away.


"You were the one that mentioned the janitor's closet." He pointed out.


Sam frowned.


"Joking. Just joking. No fooling around at work. Literally. I remember your rule."


"I have to have some boundaries you know."


Flack couldn't help but laugh. "Could have fooled me there. There's usually nothing you won't do."


"I'd shut your mouth while you're ahead." Sam said.


"Sorry. You just leave yourself wide open for some smart, perverted comment. I'll be quiet now."


"Good." Sam huffed and broke off a piece of her muffin and popping it into her mouth.


"Notice I bought the kind with the extra chocolate chips. Seeing as chocolate has a tendency to..."


"Donald Flack Jr, I thought you said you'd be quiet."


"Sorry." he chuckled. "No more. Inappropriate."


They sat in companionable silence for several long minutes. Samantha was the one woman in the world, other than his mother, that Flack felt that at ease with. With Sam, he could just be himself. She didn't care that he was offspring of NYPD royalty. She looked at him differently than everyone else at work.


"How come you told Teagan she couldn't take hockey lessons this year?" Flack asked, breaking the silence.


"You play hockey, Don. Have you seen the cost of equipment lately? Even for a kid? Not to mention how expensive the actual lessons are."


"So I'll give you extra money to cover the lessons and I'll buy her equipment. No big deal."


"You already live up to your duties, Don. You give more support than you're suppose to and you buy her clothes and toys and things for school when she needs it. Not to mention all what your folks do."


"She's their granddaughter." Flack pointed out.


"Doesn't mean they have to break the bank to cater to her every whim."


"Sam, she wants to take hockey. She's taken it two years in and a row and it's one of the things she looks forward to. She doesn't give a shit less about swimming or ballet. She wants to play hockey."


"Why does she have to be a mini, female version of you?" Sam asked.


"She got all the good DNA from me." Flack replied.


Sam snorted. "You wish."


"I'll take care of her hockey stuff, okay?" he rubbed her shoulder softly. "Don't worry about that. She really wants to do it Sam and I'll take her and sign her up and get whatever it is she needs. Nothing for you to stress about."


"I've been stressing every day for six years." Sam told him.


"I've always taken care of both you and her, haven't I?" he ran the knuckles of his left hand over her smooth cheek.


"Haven't I?"


Sam couldn't deny it.


"I'll always take care of mine, you know that."

"Until the next bimbo comes along." Sam teased him.


"You're a real smart ass tonight. How'd it go with the new girl?"


Sam shrugged. "All right. She did a good job at the hospital."


"She seems like a fucking bitch if you ask me."


"You'll be in her pants in no time." Sam told him.


"You kidding? Not in a million years."


A knock came to the lunch room door and they both glanced over their shoulders to see a sheepish looking Mia Auster standing in the doorway.


Knew there was more to them than meets the eye, Mia thought, noticing the way the homicide detective and the CSI sat close enough together that their shoulders touched, as did their knees under the table.


"Whats up?" Sam asked, sipping her tea.


"Just wanted to tell you that DNA called up here and said the results are in." Mia replied.


"Well go down and get them and I'll meet you in trace." Sam told her.


"Need directions?" Flack asked when the new CSI lingered in the doorway.


"Don't be such an asshole." Sam scolded him. "Be nice for once in your life."


"Something tells me nice and him don't belong in the same sentence." Mia snorted and stalked off down the hall.


Sam and Flack looked at each other. Both grinned.


"She told you." Sam said.


"Know who she reminds me of?" asked Flack.




"Another version of you."


"In that case," Sam laughed as she stood up. "You'll be in her pants in record time."


"Rather be in yours." Flack said as she headed for the door.


"Take a cold shower." She told him and disappeared

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