Skin Deep

Title: Skin Deep
Fandom: CSI NY
Pairing: Danny Messer/OC
Rating: M
Synopsis: When Blue Blood meets Blue Collar, neither thought they would ever be able to work together. But sometimes, class takes a backseat to love & passion, hopes & dreams & you will discover that in the NYPD, you're all the same shade of blue.


3. COTN: Crush

Chapter Three: Creatures of the Night


Thats money honey, Well I'm your lover and your mistress Thats money honey When you touch me, its so delicious Thats money honey Baby when you tell me the pieces Thats money honey

Lady Gaga – Money Honey


"Sam!" Aiden Burn, tall and slinky with Angelina Jolie lips and model looks, called out as she hurried down the hall to catch up with her best friend.


The two young women had been practically inseparable since Sam started at the lab almost eight months ago and it wasn't uncommon to see them wandering the halls together and laughing as they took part in a little girl talk. And tales of their wild nights out drinking (when Sam could find a sitter) were sources of humour around work.


"Did you hear about my dead junkie case?" Aiden asked as she fell in step alongside the smaller woman.


Sam nodded. "Obvious GSW but no exit wound and no sign of the bullet in the wound track?"


"Ruin my fun." Aiden complained. "How'd you hear all that?"


"I was down in autopsy earlier and I heard Mac and Hawkes talking about it."


Aiden frowned. "What were you doing down in autopsy when you don't have a DB with your case?"


"I was running an errand."


"For who?"




"You're pathetic." Aiden laughed.


"What?" Sam asked innocently.


"When are you gonna come clean about your massive crush on Doctor Hawkes?"


Sam fought off a grin. "I do not have a crush on Doctor Hawkes."




"Okay, so I think he's hot. I need a man, Aiden. I really do."


"What's going on with Flack? Still giving you the same line of crap?"


Sam nodded.


"Jesus, girl. Wake up. You're just setting yourself up for a world of hurt. Not even the most amazing sex in the world is worth the agony you're going to go through. And I can't just sit back and watch that happen. You deserve better than that."


"I know," Sam said with a sigh.


"Don't tell me you're falling for that crap," Aiden frowned.


"I don't want to raise my daughter on my own," Sam said.


"So find some nice guy that doesn't mind a ready made family. Don't put yourself through this, Sam. You're my girl. Nothing good will come of this."


"No man is going to want someone with my baggage."


"A real man will. And I think I know where I can find him."


"Yeah? On another planet?"


"Autopsy." Aiden laughed and grabbed Sam by the arm and pulled her down the hall.



Danny was hearing all sorts of banging from the direction of the Trace Lab as he carried the box of evidence in its direction. When he appeared in the doorway he found himself smirking at the sight before him. Mia Auster was bending over, routing through the cupboards for whatever chemicals she needed.


Danny bit his lip, eyes on the curve of her ass before sliding up the small expanse of skin that was on show between her trouser line and shirt hem. The expensive midnight blue silk from her panties peeked over her designer pants. His eyes strayed to the tattoo displayed on her lower back. A thin wavy daisy chain that sprawled across her lower back emanating femininity and innocence all at the same time.


"Like something you see Messer," Mia asked as she glanced over her shoulder with a flirtatious grin before straightening herself, a set of chemicals in her gloved up hands.


"Just admiring your new piece of body art, bet your Momma threw a fit when you showed it to her," Danny remarked as he set the box on the table.


"Hey, your eyes were on my ass Messer and for the record I'd be offended if you didn't look," Mia teased as she turned to face Danny.


"Guilty as charged, and for the record it's still pretty damn fine," Messer smirked as he began to take out the evidence bags one by one.


Danny raised his eyes, watching Mia's face as she studied the envelope in front of her.


"So what did your Momma say?" he asked with a small smile.


Mia bowed her head unable to hide the smile of her own.


"It's Henna; I was working a spring line before I got to the party. The theme was wild flowers," Mia revealed as she broke the seal on the envelope and set out the pair of black lace panties.


"Your mom still making you do the whole catwalk thing?" Danny questioned as he began to lay out Robin Prescott's clothing.


"It was the only way I could pacify her when she found out my career of choice," Mia returned, reaching for a swab and scrubbing at the suspected semen on the panties.


"Bet she doesn't like the fact you're playing with all us blue collar boys huh?" Danny retorted, eyes on her as she concentrated on the task at hand.


"Nope, in fact she threatened to disown me if I brought one of you guys home."


"What she doesn't know can't hurt her," Danny pointed out.


Mia raised her eyes to meet Danny's, they dazzled with playfulness as she spoke.


"I won't tell if you don't tell." She winked before returning to the task at hand.


"Still a handful ain't ya Auster?" Danny retorted as Mia took a sample of trace off the Vic's panties.


"Too hot for you to handle Danny boy," Mia muttered, as she peered at the sample she scooped into a Petri dish.


"You got something?" Danny asked turning serious.


"I'm not sure, I'll have to run it though the Mass Spec," Mia said thoughtfully as she raised the Petri glass to the light, trying to get a better look.


"Do you know how to use the Mass Spec?" Danny inquired playfully.


Mia snorted.


"Give me some credit, I graduated top of my class next to you," she reminded him as she moved towards the machine and flicked a few buttons before slipping the sample inside.


"Brains and beauty a dangerous mix," Danny murmured as he leant over the work bench.


Mia took this opportunity to do a little appraising of her own. Danny hadn't changed too much in the past few years; his muscles were still firm and hard underneath that shirt and that ass…


"And you always liked flirting with danger," Danny commented, without turning his head as she tilted hers to get a better view.


"I'd shut your mouth Messer otherwise I'll end up taking you home with me," Mia shot back.


"Been there, done that," Danny retorted with a small smirk.


"And I bet it was the wildest night of your life," Mia finished before they both broke into wide grins at the memory. "Flirting aside…it's great to see you Danny."


"Yea, you too Auster."


It was at that moment her pager sprung to life. Mia gazed down at it before retreating towards the door.


"That's DNA, they've got a result for me. Catch you later Danny." Mia called, giving him a small wave before stalking out of the door.


Danny watched her hips sway as she strode down the corridor and towards DNA, his eyes lingering on her ass.


It was definitely the high point of his day to be seeing that again.




Danny had managed to find a moment of peace and quiet in the empty AV/Computer Lab. He sat in one of the comfortable swivel chairs with his legs stretched out and his eyes closed, his hands clasped behind his head and a content, satisfied smile on his face. After hours of seemingly dead ends, including a disheartening call from Dr Giles down in DNA to deliver the news that their semen sample from Robin Prescott contained no sperm cells, therefore no DNA, there was finally a break that Danny himself was personally responsible for. And he rewarded himself with a rest of his weary eyes.


Flack, looking for someone, anyone, to give him an update on the Prescott case, spied a dozing, peaceful looking Danny Messer and wandered into the lab quietly, and proceeded to nearly kick the chair out from underneath his best friend.


"Wake up!" Flack barked.


"Go away," Danny said. "I'm tired. I need sleep."


"Not my fault you can't handle your booze, Messer. Told ya that Sam and Aiden could drink ya under the table. You should have stuck to the kid's menu and the virgin cocktails."


"You're a fucking comedian, Flack. But yeah, I have never seen women drink like that and still be conscious."


"What'cha grinnin' about? You look like the cat that swallowed the canary."


"Finally caught a break in the case," Danny announced.


"About time. You people have been slacking off. Sam sleepin' in the break room, now you. What ya got?"


Danny sighed and opened his eyes and swivelled his chair around to the desk behind him. He scooped up a small, clear plastic evidence baggy.


"Peony leaf," he said simply.


"What about it?"


"I found a peony leaf on the vic's clothes. Along with linolic acid which is used to clean statues. The only spot in Central Park that has both peonies and statues is on the south side. Strawberry Fields. City confirmed there were workers cleaning statues there yesterday and today. So we were able to figure out where the rape and assault took place."


"So what are we waiting for?" Flack asked. "Let's go down there and round these guys up and get them to cough up some DNA samples."


"Just waiting on Sam and Mia to get back from the re-interviewing the vic. Then we're gonna head over."


"That new girl is something else," Flack commented, pulling over a chair and sitting down. "Walking around with her nose in the air, acting like she own the place. Surprised she isn't telling Mac what to do and gunning for his job."


"Mia's not like that." Danny said defensively. "She may come across as a little....."


"Snobby?" Flack offered. "Bitchy."


"I was going to say a little conceited. But trust me, she's harmless. I went to college and went through the academy with her. She may have the money, but she doesn't act like it."


"How close were you two?" Flack asked curiously.


"We dated for a while. She showed me a wild time. Rocked my world. Never had anything, or anyone like it ever since."


"Yeah? So why aren't you with her now than? And seriously, what the hell did you see in her? She's too fucking high and mighty and prima donna for guy from Staten Island."


Danny rolled his eyes, he knew what Flack was thinking, he also knew his friend only saw the money and no the person beyond it. It riled him that he was attacking Mia without actually making an effort to know her.


Danny smirked. "Flack, you are the last person to be offering up criticisms or relationship advice. You and your little fuck buddy thing you got going on with Sam. Have you even bothered telling her you have no intention on getting back with her on a permanent basis or are you getting fucked so good it clogs your brain?"


"Hey, I get laid on a near nightly basis. Sam and I have a perfectly healthy, astonishingly satisfying relationship."


"May be satisfying, but it's not healthy to be lying to her and telling her you love her and shit."


"I do love her," Flack informed his best friend.


"Give me a break," Danny snorted.


"I do. She was the first of a lot of things, Messer. And she's the mother of my kid. I'll always have that kind of love for her."


"But you don't love her, love her."


"I don't love, love anyone," Flack said.


"Sam's a hell of a girl. You need to come clean with her and quit fucking her around."


"We're not talking about me and Sam. We're talking about you and Miss Perfect. Did you love, love Auster?"


"I loved the sex, but her mother is loco. She tried to pay me ten g's to dump her."


"You didn't take it?"


Danny frowned "What do I look like? Of course I didn't. I told her to stuff it and then told Mia the next day. I broke it off with her, she doesn't need that crazy bitch in her life and I certainly didn't need the complications. I mean, fuck, you have enough complications to do both of us. The whole lab even. Twenty-six, nearly seven year old kid."


"Hey, I may have been young when shit went down between Sam and me, but my daughter isn't a complication or a mistake. She's my entire life. And she has no bearing on what we're talking about, so leave her out of it. Reason why Sam and I keep things private. So Teagan doesn't get brought into shit."


Danny held his hands up in self defence. "She's a niece to me, Flack. You know that. I'm just saying that it must have been tough on both of you. Sam was what, twenty?"


Flack nodded. "Pregnant at eighteen, having her at nineteen."


"That's rough. Eighteen year olds should be going to parties and football games, not ultrasounds and doctor's appointments. And then you go and dump her 'cause she is knocked up?"


"I was nineteen, Messer. And I was a fucking asshole. But I manned up, didn't I? I joined the NYPD when I could have went to college just so I'd be able to have a steady paycheque so my kid would have diapers and formula and clothes. I bust my ass to pay my rent and help Sam with hers and pay child support. So I made up for my mistakes and then some."


"I am in no way slamming you, Flack. It's fucking admirable you even came back around in the end. And you've got a beautiful, healthy, intelligent....."


"Smart ass," Flack tossed in.


"Smart ass six year old daughter. But you've gotta stop playing Sam. She deserves better than that. She deserves to find someone that's going to love her and only her and make her happy. And I know your real issue is that you don't want another guy coming around your kid and playing daddy. But you're her daddy and nothing changes that. But Sam deserves love. And what you're doing to her? Not fucking fair, Flack."


"I find it hard taking a lecture from someone who bangs anything that walks with a wiggle but can't settle down himself."


"So we're both pricks," Danny concluded. "And we both deserve to die miserable and alone for all our sins committed against the opposite sex. But come on, you must know what you're doing to Sam is wrong."


"The day she tells me to stop and leave her alone is the day it becomes wrong," Flack said. "Until that day, I'll take care of my own and you try and get back into rich girl's pants."


Danny sighed and shook his head. "One day, she's gonna wake up and realize you are just not worth it and find someone who is. I mean, I already know one person who's interested in her."


Flack's eyes narrowed. "Who?"


"Doctor Hawkes. He asks about her all the time."


"Are you fucking serious? Hawkes from the MEs office."


"Head of the MEs office," Danny corrected him. "And yeah. One in the same. And you know what? He's a hell of a nice guy and I think she's kinda into him, too."


Flack snorted. "Gimme a fucking break. She's gonna go from a cop to an ME?"


"Like I said, he's a hell of a nice guy. Smart as hell, too. He'd treat her right."


Flack shook his head and stood up and headed for the door. He'd heard enough. There were some things he couldn't and wouldn't think about. And Sam being with someone other than him was one of those things.


"Hard to hear, huh?" Danny said. "You don't want her but you can't stand the thought of someone else wanting her."


"She's the mother of my child, Messer."


"She's a human being, Flack. And she deserves to be loved and love someone."


"Yeah, well the day she comes to me and tells me to fuck off is the day I do just that."


"You know," Danny said. "You're an asshole."


"Maybe." Flack said with a nod. "But I'm damn proud of it."

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