The Transfer

Fourteen year old, Kathleen Roberts, finds herself forced to move away from her friends and most importantly her boyfriend, Aaron. Kat experiences quite a culture shock when she moves from sunny San Francisco to Hackney, London.

Gareth, Kats' father, is delighted when his boss offers him a promotion, to a branch of the company, in London. But, in telling Kat the news, he finds out that she is not as impressed.


2. End of Semester

"Anything new?" Naomi asked.

"Nah', life's pretty boring at the moment," I replied as we strolled into the school gates. It felt like we'd been on vacation for ages not just two weeks. It didn't feel like the end of the year either because 10th grade had gone by so fast. 

"Hey, girls!" Aaron shouted from across the yard and he jogged over to us.

"Aaron!" I squealed and I ran into his arms.

"So, how's the Soccer doing?" Naomi asked Aaron.


“Good thanks,” Aaron boasted, “we’re almost top of the league now.”

“That’s great!” I congratulated as I squeezed his hand tightly.


Naomi and I shrieked in unison as we entered the form room and saw Zoe.

"Aaagh! Zoe! I missed you so much!" I squealed.

"We were only off school for two weeks and I saw you three times," Zoe said with a laugh.

"Always the practical one," Naomi said and we all giggled. 


The morning dragged by and I couldn't wait to get to lunch.  As the bell rang I jumped up, completely ignored Mrs Murray and bounded out of Geography. My friends and I have an 'Eating place' where we meet up every lunch. There’s a pond with water lilies, an old wooden picnic bench and a row of trees, hiding the spot from view.


The afternoon seemed to go on forever as well and as the last bell sounded I went to look for Naomi. We walked out of the school gates and Naomi had an unusual smirk on her face.

“I know that look, someone’s asked you out!” I exclaimed. Naomi blushed pink and giggled, “So, who was it?”

“Cameron Harvey from 10LG,” she replied.

“Did you say yes?” I asked warily.

“Maybe…” I couldn’t believe my ears, Naomi knew that I liked Cameron but she still said yes. I know what you’re thinking- make your mind up girl! But it’s true, I like Aaron and Cameron.

“You knew that I liked Cameron, Naomi,” I could hardly speak.

“Look, just because you like a guy doesn’t mean that you can claim him for yourself. And just because I don’t ramble on about my undying love for a guy, doesn’t mean that I don’t like him as well!” She said as she quickened her pace and then stormed off ahead.

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