The Transfer

Fourteen year old, Kathleen Roberts, finds herself forced to move away from her friends and most importantly her boyfriend, Aaron. Kat experiences quite a culture shock when she moves from sunny San Francisco to Hackney, London.

Gareth, Kats' father, is delighted when his boss offers him a promotion, to a branch of the company, in London. But, in telling Kat the news, he finds out that she is not as impressed.


1. Preface

" I promise, I only love you!" I spoke down the phone. I am such a terrible liar- the way I spoke the words pleaded that they were true, so desperately, that anyone could tell that that it was a lie.

"Kat, I know there is someone else," Aaron said so calmly that it was as if he didn't care, "Look, I know we said that we would never break up and have a long-distance relationship, but it's not working. It's been six months now and I know you want to move on and that's fine with me- it's your decision."

"Okay fine,"Aaron's unselfishness made the guilt even more painful, "there is someone else, but I still love you, Aaron," I knew how it sounded but it was true.

"Well, you're going to have to choose one of us, Kat." 

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