my life :( :)

a girl called Louise gets in to a good relashionship with a boy called Ryan and finds out something is wrong with her grandad and he passes when she aint at home and she feels bad because she could not be there with her family ..


6. the day of the funnal


its the day of louise funnal eveyone is here and the funnal is on it way we all drive very slowly down the road to the place where she is going to be buried

wehn we get there me and her dad and her uncle and my bother carry her coffin in to the church where she is going ot be baruied all the things are said then i notice that it is my turn to go up and say what i need to say i say

" hello everyone i am david i am louise boyfriend was going to be married to this sexy lady but sady someone has to go and kill and wonderful her a beutiful mother to niall and natille and she is so many things but the one thing i can say is that she was a very caring and loving lady it was a shame that she died right before her 20th birthday we are all going to miss her"

the it was time to go out side then the preiest said ehat he needed to and she was lowerd in to the ground and we out durt on her and are kids put roses on her coffin and as they coverd her up everyone slowly left but just as i left i saw that my to kids where sitting near her and they both looked at me and said

" daddy y did mummy have to leave us"

and i say "because god needed a angle "

then i took there hands and we went to the place where we where all going to haev something to eat which was a the workes in camberly where eveyone was thwn someone put on mine and louise song and i went on to the danace floor with my kids and we danced to it in memorie of there mother and my girlfriend

as it came to an end me and the kids went home and i put them in to bed as it had been a long day for them then i went in to the sitting room and sat and started talking to apic of louise that i had in a fram on the table then i started to cry so i decided to got ot bed and i hugged her pillows as i went to sleep


its the 19th of september louise birthday everyone met up family mainly and we lit a cake for her and let the kids blow them out then everyone saide lets go for dinner for her and show her that we still love her and r thinking of her as the day came to an end we went for a meal at louises favirout place made a toast to her ate dinner then we all set home

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