my life :( :)

a girl called Louise gets in to a good relashionship with a boy called Ryan and finds out something is wrong with her grandad and he passes when she aint at home and she feels bad because she could not be there with her family ..


2. louises shock

me and ryan had been dating for a while now and i ask me if he wanted to meet up on the weekend but starngle he said "sorry i am busy"

so i said " okay thats fine, what u doing then babe" and the wierd thing is he didnt reply to me so when it came to saturday i went to see my mate who lives down the same road as my boyfriend ryan as i got there i knocked on my mates door and she said "hey u alright i need to tell u something so u better come in quick"i walked in thinking what is she wanting to tell me but when she did she said

"louise u know ur bf ryan2

"yh what about him"

"he is cheating on u"

"dont be silly  he wont do that"

but to my shock i looked out her window and i saw my bf ryan kissing another girl in his garden i did not know what to do or say i just ran down her stairs opened her door and ran to ryans garden he didnt see me at first but once he opened his eyes he saw me and he said

"hey babe, u alright"

at first i need not know what to say and i didnt say a word i just ran as fast as i could and he came after me shouting my name i did not responed to him then i stopped and sat on the floor crying trying to fifuer out what i had done for him to do something like this to me.then he court up with me and said

"why r u crying"

i just said "how could u do this to me what have i done wrong"

he didnt say a word then he said " i am sorry that was not ment to happen"

i just looked at him and said "sorry but this is over i cant stand the sight of  u" so i got up and walked away from him i was still crying and when i got home i just went in to my houses and up in to my room and i just sat there thinking of why he wpuld have done suvch a thing to me then i phone rang so i answerd it it was my mate hollz she said "hey babe u alright "

"yh i am fine i hate him i will find someone new"

she said " yes u will babe yes u will"

we ended the call and i went to bed to try and sleep what had happend off.



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