my life :( :)

a girl called Louise gets in to a good relashionship with a boy called Ryan and finds out something is wrong with her grandad and he passes when she aint at home and she feels bad because she could not be there with her family ..


4. louise and her new boys time out

me and davis have been going out for 1 month now but to my suprise i got a phone call from david


" hey babe would u like to go to the cinema with me tomoz"

i said " yh i would love to babe what we going to see"

" you will find out tomoz okay"

" okay see u then babe, bye "

"bye babe"

that day i was thinking to my self what could we be seeing but in stead i just thought i guess i will find out tomoz oh i slo love him he is way better then that other boy lol. that night when i went to bed i started thinking about david as i missed him so mu7ch and just wanted to be with him then i got a really random texted so i got up and went over to my phone which was on charge on the otherside of the room and it read a messadge fomr david and another one form my ex ryan

ryans texted said

" hey louise i really miss u i wish i could be with u but i guess u have moved on and i guess i should to i hope u have a nice lofe with ir new boyfriend love ju so much ryan xxx"

i just looked at my phone thinking omg what have i done oh well it was his fault not mine

the text from davis read

" hey baby girl i cant wait to see u tomoz when we go to the cinema i will pick u up at 12:00 so be ready and wear something nice plz babe night night sweet dreams love u baby xxxx"

i thought to my self i know what i will wear i will wear my purple and black dress as i think thats what he will like me to be in then i climed back into my bed to get some sleep as i will need to be up to go to the cinema with my buba.

then next moring when i woke up i realised it was 11:00 i had 1 hour to get ready before david arrived so i put my dress on and did my make-up and my hair but as i was finshing my hair i felt a tap on my shoulder it was david he was here he said

" hey babe u alright"

i said " hey babe i am okay u"

then he said " yh i am okay lets see what u wearing baby gir"

so i stood up and showed him my dress that i was wearing and i could see in his face that he liked it then he said to me

" babe u look ....."

" i look what??"

" u look sexy"

then he put his arms around my waist so i put mine around his neck and we both leaned in for a kiss then i felt his hands go down to my ass then grab hold of my dress as he pulled kit up so it was shorter then it was tp start with then i went to him

" babe should we go"

then he said " yh lets go baby girl"

so we went down stairs and then i got money of my nan and me and david left for the cinema as we got there we both brought sweets and a drink then i saw my ex corey again like i did the last time i went to the cinema this time instead of making him jel i went over to him and said

" hey corey"

he said "hey louise u alright ur looking finer then ever"

i said "thanx not bad ur self"

then i felt davids arms rap around my waist from behind then corey said

"whos this guy then louise"

i said " corey this is my boyfriend david and david this is my ex corey"

they both look at each other with evils so i said " what r u looking like that for both of u"

then corey reached out to punch david so i jumped in front of him and corey hit me and knocked me out so i was layign flat on the floor.


i could here diffrent noises diffrent voices i could not tell who they where i could her someone mumbaling

"babe babe plz wake up babe"

then i heard the docter say to this person " dont rush her mate she could be gong in to a comer as he hot her with such force and she smashed her head against the floor"

this voice said "ohh no i hope she wakes up soon " then i heard this person start crying

then i opend my eyes and i could not tell who was who as my eyes where all blurry

then i heard a voice say " babe r u awake babe"

then i said  "yes i am awake who r u?"

then this voive said " babe its me ur boyfriend david"

then i could start seeing clear then i look at this guy adn yes it was it was david i tryed to sit up and he said

"babe stay laying down plz babe " then he got on to his feet and he put his head on my chest and i stoaked his head and said

" babe where am i?? why am i hear??"

he said "baby girl u r in hospital and ur hear because ur ex corey punched u and knocked u pout and head smashed against the floor"

then i looked at him and started to cry

then he sat on the bed and put my head on his chest and said "dont cry baby u will be okay trust me"

then the docter came in and he said "hey louise i am docter horan i will be looking at ur head to make sure ur okay to go home"

then he cheacked my head and said " yh u can go home"

so david got all my stuff together and then we started to head home just as well got near davids house there was car and the beginging on the road i didnt pay attenchion to and just crossed the road then it started moving so i ran and it just missed me then iw ent in to davids and he took me in to his room adn i layed on his bed as i wanted to sleep as i was so tired i stayed at tobys for the rest of the day then it hit 6:00 which was when i woke up and david said

"hey babe u have a nice sleep"

i said " yh am i going home"

then he said " no babe ur nan dont want u back so u r staying here my mum and that have gone to get all ur stuff babe"

when his parents golt back we had dinner then we all watched tv and then we all went to bed i hact to stay in davids room with him as my bed was no put up yet i selp with david for that night i put my head on his chest and he rushed my head and i fell asleep then so did david 

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