my life :( :)

a girl called Louise gets in to a good relashionship with a boy called Ryan and finds out something is wrong with her grandad and he passes when she aint at home and she feels bad because she could not be there with her family ..


5. 4 yeasr on

its been 4 year now since i have been loving with david and his family i am 19 now and i have got igaged to david now and we r happy together adn i am also have 2 kids with david and ther names arIe niall and natallie they are twins me and david have been surching for r own place and now we have got somewhere.

david was out with the kids viseting his mum and dad so i went out to do some shopping but as i was on my way back i could see a car lossing control as the driver was not payinf attenchion to the road so as i tryed to miss him i went flying of te side of the road.


p.o.v of david

i am sitting beside my lovers bed i dont know what to do as she is in a comber so i say

"babe babe talk to me"

then he moneter makes a horrible noise and i run to go and get a docter but when i found one it was to late they came in to the room and turned it off and they felt her neck and there was no pulce and i said

"plz bring her back plz i need her her kids need her"

but the docters said to me "mate we r to late she has gone we r so sorry"

then another docter says "louises death at 3:06"

i sit beside her and i out my head on her chest and i start to cry and i say to my slef "y did u have to go y i need to babe so does niall and natallie"

then my kids came in and they said to me 2 daddy whats wrong with mummy"

so i have to say to them that "mummy has gone she has gone to be with god"

then the docters come in and they cover up louise and me and the kids leave and i walk with the kids back to the house then i call her dad and say to him " hey barry its david i have to tell u something"

then barry says to me " what is it son"

i say as i start to cry "louise died in a car accident"

then he tells everyone els and we all start to plan her funnal we organise where its going to be whos going to be there and her coffin and all the flowers and i send the invites to people and everyonje sayds yes they will be there



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