my life :( :)

a girl called Louise gets in to a good relashionship with a boy called Ryan and finds out something is wrong with her grandad and he passes when she aint at home and she feels bad because she could not be there with her family ..


1. Louise first meets Ryan

hey i am Louise i was at snaps (disco) with a few of my mates they were lacy, hollz and abbster , we were all having a girly night out and we were all having so much fun. But when i got pushed by hollz in to a crowd of boys and i fell over this really cute boy came over and picked me up and he said to me " hello my name is Ryan are you alright" the embarrassing thing was that i could not reply i was just frozen then i came out with " umm hey my name is Louise and yh i am okay thanks" then i walked away and went back to my friends and my best mate lacy said " i think someones in love" and the other to nodded in agree meant and i went bright red. then when i went to get a drink my mates all walked of and i didn't know why or what for so i just waited for them.but when they did come back they came back with the kind guy Ryan that picked me up when i fell over i just stood there and stared at him then he said to "Louise would u like to dance with me" and i said "yes" in a really happy voice so me and Ryan walked of and started dancing together and then after we had danced for a bit me and him sat down together and stared talking and when i least expected it Ryan said to me " would u go out with me" i sat there is shock and said "yes i would love to" . then it came to 11:00 and the disco was over but as i was leaving Ryan's mum was standing next to my grandad so we both walked out together holding hands and my grandad and his mum just looked at us both and me and Ryan just went oh well i guess they have seen us oh well but as we were both just about to walk away with are parents Ryan turned around a tapped me on the shoulder and said "hey Louise come he a second" so went over to him and he put his arms around my waist and i put my arms around his neck and we both started kissing then we both pulled away and gave each other a big hug but i didn't know that Ryan had slipped his number in to my back pocket of my shorts until i got home i found it. when i got the chance on Saturday i phoned him and we were on the phone for about 2 hours then we both decided to meet up just as i was about to end the cool he said "wear something nice as i am going to take you some were" so i put on my nice skirt and top and met him in camberly. when he got there he said to me that we were both  going to the cinema then he was going to take me back to his and we were both going to have a nice dinner there and i was well happy i didn't know what to say to so i didn't say anything i just put my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist and we both went in for the kiss then we both palled away and he grab my hand and we both walk in to the cinema but as we got in to the cinema i was not expecting to see my ex correy with his new girlfriend i just froze on the spot and could not move. then my ex look at me and said "oi Louise i see you aint changed" and i said "get over your self i found someone new" and Ryan walk over to me and said "you okay" i said "yh" and i looked over to correy then whispered in Ryan's ear " you know you love me put your arms around my waist and kiss me for as long as we can so i can prove that person wrong" then Ryan said " yes i do love you so yes i will babe" then he put his arms around my waist and i put my arms around his neck and we stood there and kissed for a while. then we went to get the tickets to go and watch the film and we sat right at the back as we went in to the room me and Ryan raced to the top and when we got to the top we both sat down and waited for the film to start. when the film did start Ryan moved the arm rest up and put my head on his shoulder and put his arm around my shoulder but then i noticed that my ex was in the same film but i didn't care at all i just watched the film with the boy that i loved as we were watching the film ryan said "Louise look at me" so i looked up at him and he kissed me. once the film had finished me and Ryan went to his houses to have dinner when i finished there i went home and i phoned him and we spoke for a while.

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