Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


24. Chapter twenty four

The looming darkness gave a shriek, cowering before the blinding light. In the center of the room, the herald floated in the air, her mere presence bringing sanity back to that twisted realm.


 “Ad’Un Arak!” She thundered, making the darkness itself tremble “The Darkness that Lays Beyond the Stars! Did you really think you could face me while possessing those ancient, withered corpses?”


 The Night Prowler finally recognized the true nature of the herald as one of his hated foes. He was walking towards her, his daggers set for the attack, when the Reaper stood in his way, gesturing for him to be patient.


 As the light filled the room, the darkness retreated, taking away the madness and revealing an ancient, derelict stone hall. Oblivious to the demon ready to strike at her, she closed her eyes and let her light extend in all directions, leaving the darkness nowhere to hide. The strange shapes in it lunged against the light, trying to suffocate it, only to turn into ashes and dust.


 The light kept its unstoppable advance when the darkness had only a small place to hide. Only then did the herald open her eyes, softly floating until her feet touched the ground. She then spoke, and once again the stone hall shook with the power of her voice “The moment you attacked me, you broke our ancient covenant. Would you have me call my own people and make you pay the price due to oath breakers?”


  The darkness stood silent for a long time. When it spoke, the myriad voices weren’t arrogant anymore, but pleading, almost pathetic “We surrender to you. In our frenzy, we broke the pact made so long ago. Is there anything we can do to curb the rage of your people?”


 “You shall leave the bodies you are possessing.” Demanded the herald “You will release the true Dream Lords from their slumber, so it’s them who decide whether to support the Reaper or oppose him.”


 “That we cannot do even if the alternative is our destruction, for the Dream Lords surrendered both their bodies and souls to us in exchange of the power to defeat the legions of Hell.” The shocked herald seemed about to reply, but the darkness continued its plea “We shall help the Reaper defeat his foes. We have been away from the true darkness for a long time. Its absence has weakened us, but we shall not be easily defeated.” The voices hesitated before continuing “We shall offer peace to the nordheim, and command the fae armies to face the demons. Once the war is over, no matter who the victor is, we will abandon these wretched bodies, never to return. In exchange, you and those who have sent you will forget this offense and leave us in peace.”


 “It shall be so, then.” Sentenced the herald “Do you swear over the power of your eternal names?”


 “By the blood of Ur’Nadak, we swear.” Was the solemn reply.


 The light slowly dimmed, allowing the darkness to recover its domains.


 “It is done.” Said the herald, turning to face the Reaper “The fate of this world lies now in your hands. I will leave now, for there are other matters that require my attention.”


 The light dimmed further, until she seemed to disappear, leaving her companions alone in the dark.

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