Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


3. Chapter three

After hearing what the young fae had to say, the Reaper nodded, surprised by the wisdom her race had gained in his absence. Using strange astrological rituals, they found out the exact place where he would return to Creation. Terrified, the Dream Lords, their governing caste since the collapse of the demonic empire, sent a small body of elite troops to destroy him, for his return presented an intolerable menace.


Unfortunately, the dominions of men had grown a lot in insolence and power over time. Thus, the troops were attacked as soon as they entered their territories. Humans weren't a match for the fae's strength, cunning or training, but their numbers were overwhelming and they remembered the times when the northern scourge harrassed them to make them their slaves. Hate gave them courage, and so the invasion forces were slowly falling.


But they would not let the pathetic humans stop them, so they kept advancing despite their heavy losses. Finally only she was left, hiding below the corpses left by the swarm of attackers that wiped out her unit. Since then she travelled only by night, away from the eyes of men, feeding on the few weeds and edible roots she could find, until finally she found the place where the Reaper would be reborn. Unfortunately, by then she was too weak to hide her tracks, which led to her being found by the patrol the demon had slaughtered.


When she finished her story, the Reaper gave a derisive buff “I see your people has gained wisdom with the turning of the centuries” he said “However, they have also become reckless and impulsive, believing themselves to be invincible. It was that same mistake that led to my downfall” The girl kept a respectful silence while the demon spoke, hoping he would continue his story. But he just said “We won't accomplish anything staying here, it would be better to start walking”.


Without further ado, he took the clothes of the biggest soldier of the patrol and put them on. Then, he started walking to the north, to the frozen lands where fae and nordheim waged their endless war.


Knowing she couldn't survive alone the journey back, the young woman grabbed one of the sacks with food the soldiers were carrying and hurried behind him, wondering what doom awaited her people now that the Reaper had returned.


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