Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


37. Chapter thirty seven

The tension in the room was obvious, much as both sides tried to pretend it wasn’t.


 They were all seated at a long table, with the fae representatives at one side and the nordheim at the other. The latter were led by general Moira, tasked to it by the king himself, with full negotiation faculties. The fae were led by ambassador Phaedras whom, with his extremely courteous attitude, was doing what he could to make his contradictors to feel as comfortable as possible. After all, in this meeting the future of Creation might be at stake.


 “My dear general,” He said, taking a sip of watered wine “I trust we can solve a few preliminary business before discussing the military alliance between our people.” Seeing the towering nordheim didn’t rise any objections, he continued “The Dream Lords have the intention for the peace between us to be strong and durable, but for that to happen…” His confidence slipped for a moment before he recovered and said “We need to decide the fate of the Elysium Fields.”


 As he expected, the reaction was instant. Many of his contradictors began shouting fiery rebuttals, while one stood up and left the room, his face crimson with barely contained fury. After this initial outburst, Moira’s clear voice returned order to the reunion “Please forgive the vehemence of my underlings, we will hear your proposal.”


 “I’m not sure if your people completely understands the interest we have in that sacred place. Just like you, we believe it was there that the gods abandoned this world after creating both of our races.” He took a moment to make sure the atmosphere was calm enough before continuing “The Dream Lords have ordered me to say they do not wish to defy the nordheim’s claim over them, but only to ensure that our devotees can safely make a pilgrimage there, perhaps in times of the year to be determined by you, to meditate and purify themselves on the water of its rivers.”


 His words were received with a respectful silence. After a few moments Bandalor, the young prodigy, spoke to the envoy “The decision you ask of us cannot be taken lightly, ambassador Phaedras. Both peoples have fought and died over their control for generations. Thousands of fae have died trying to take them from us, while thousands of nordheim have died in their defense.” A conciliatory smile appeared on his face “Despite this inconvenience, I think we could agree to that condition, if you could only open your borders so the men of the south could begin trading relations with us and, of course, grant leave for our merchants to go to the south and freely trade with them in their cities.”


 This time, the outraged reactions came from the fae side. A lot less ebullient than the nordheim, they just whispered among themselves, their faces turned into masks of complete outrage. Only ambassador Phaedras kept his composure, as if he couldn’t cease to smile even if he wanted to. When he spoke, all the fae fell silent.


 “My partners are right into thinking that you ask for quite a lot, for direct contact between nordheim and men could be devastating for our interests. However, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the sake of both peoples’ friendship. We accept your proposal in broad terms, and would present no protest whatsoever in case you wish to discuss the precise details of this arrangement once the urgent matter of our alliance have been decided.”


 With the thorny issue partially solved, they began to solve more practical matters: If both armies were to be deployed on the imminent war, they had to determine common hierarchy ranks. In the battlefield, it could perfectly happen that an officer from one people would end up with command over soldiers of the other. If they didn’t establish clear protocols and regulations, the alliance could explode in their hands, to the amusement of the demons. Besides, the place where they decided to make their stand would be key: if it was on fae territory, their fortresses would be destroyed and on the aftermath the uncouth humans could decide to invade them. But, if they decided to leave the last line of defense on nordheim territory, perhaps their fortresses would be spared, but at the expense of putting their whole nation on the demons’ hands.


 Definitely, the next few hours would be extremely interesting.

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