Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


34. Chapter thirty four

“I must admit that the present situation has been quite a shock for our people too, Your Majesty.” Said the thin, smiling ambassador, bowing before the towering figure of the king. “The Dream Lords will doubtlessly be overjoyed when they hear about this improvement in your health.”


 The king stood there motionless, listening to the slick ambassador without finding any trace of falseness or mockery in his voice. Either the man was a consummate liar, or the Dream Lords really wanted to sue for peace. He suspected it was a little bit of both.


 “Throughout our long war, both people have committed a great number of atrocities.” Continued the envoy. Though he looked small and insignificant among the stout nordheim warriors, he didn’t seem to be bothered. “We fae don’t forget the Night of the Purple Robes, and I am sure the nordheim haven’t forgotten the massacre of Tordesvolk. Blood calls for blood, but it we heed its cry, there won’t be anyone to stop the demons from slaughtering my people first… And, of course, yours next.”


 His words were followed by the murmurs on both retinues. They kept talking in hushed tones until the Doomed King finally spoke, his deep voice easily filling the room.


 “You have spoken well, ambassador Phaedras. I commend the wisdom of your masters in sending you.” The thin fae smiled and gave a small curtsey. “My troops have seen that the troops besieging Kjärsdom have retreated behind your borders, and probably your spies already know about our withdrawal from the vicinity of Balador and Yuft.” The king sighed, looked at the expectant faces of the crowd, and continued “This war has been waged for far too long. A single, unified menace is growing on the south, and the only hope of stopping it is by joining forces with both our former enemies and the humans and stop them in their tracks.”


 A roar of approval exploded when the king finished. Even the cold and formal ambassador clapped slightly at the sovereign’s words.


 “But enough sweet talk.” Said the king “I appreciate the goodwill of the Dream Lords, but there is much to do.” He raised his arms and yelled “May all the sons of the Great Ice know that the fae are enemies no longer! They are welcome guests in this city: as long as they respect the laws of hospitalilty, any who dares offend them shall answer personally to me.”


 Once those preliminary details were arranged, the ambassador stood up and, followed by his retinue, abandoned the hall. They would later meet with the king and his closest advisors to negotiate the precise terms of the armistice and discuss the details of the upcoming war.


 They had much to talk about, and too little time to do so.

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