Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


6. Chapter six

The thin, wrinkled figure stood up, supported by a twisted staff. His features were, not unlike a granite statue eroded by exposure to the elements. His eyes were completely red, of the hue of dried blood, revealing both his demonic nature and the wisdom that earned him the respect of his peers. With a majesty that only the centuries could give, he spoke to the one in front of him “You must really think me an idiot, my dear traitor, if you think I have forgotten the consequences of your reign”.


“You reveal yourself an idiot, o Wise One my brother, if you think that things would have been different if I hadn't killed that faint-hearted fool” was the reply Death in the Wind gave him “His fall was inevitable, and you know it, but that's in the past. What now lies in the hands of the Seven is who's more fit to govern this world, me or that meek bastard”.


“Despite your strength and power, ambition blinds you from the truth. There are many issues that must be considered before we begin a war for a world that does not belong to us anymore” said the old demon “Not only the fae and nordheim have become strong, even the humans have flourishing kingdoms”.


“Bah” spat Death in the Wind “These slave races were less than nothing in front of our legions. If, instead of quarreling like children you had obeyed my orders, I would still reign over a glorious empire, as is my right”.


“Nonsense!” thundered the Wise One “Our kind would not have fallen if you had not murdered the one who justly ruled us; because of you, our legions have been reduced to less than dust. Is that how you pretend to build a new empire? Fool! If you were the true Demon Lord, you would be wielding Foecleaver now! But you don't have a clue of where it is, do you?” the demon hit with his staff the floor of the cavern that had been his refuge for countless centuries, making a few cracks appear in the stone “You are worthless, false lord. In this moment you stain my sepulcher with your presence, taking me away from the eternal rest to try and make me join a war that would be unnecessary if not for your stupid arrogace. Begone, you cur, before my patience runs out!”.


Death in the Wind growled and took a step forward raising his hand. The sheer hatred contained in his brother's stare, however, made him reconsider: for all his power, he was still unarmed and, old though the Wise One looked, he had countless resources at his disposal. Suppressing a scream of fury, the Greater Demon turned around and abandoned the room.


“At least there's still some intelligence in the air-filled head of yours, brother” the small demon said to the walls while he drew strange signs in the air “This little chat has left me with much work to do” The ritual would be extenuating, even in a place of power like this. It would sap most of his strength, but the situation was dire. He knelt in the exact center of the room and, with a soft murmur, started focusing his will.


Many centuries had passed since the last time he had tried to do this, and any rush could prove catastrophic. Slowly, his voice raised, and as it did, reality started to bend under the power of his will, until he gave a short yell and a blinding flash filled the cave. The air stank of ozone while the powerful demon was already someplace else, thousands of kilometers away.


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