Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


14. Chapter fourteen



Holtz gasped as he fell to the ground, his leg pierced by an arrow. He couldn't understand how fate could be so cruel. He had barely survived the horror that consumed his home, only to lose his life in a remote forest at the hands of bandits.


“You shouldn't have left your home, stranger.” Said the sturdy leader of the brigands as he walked into the road. He took out a dagger and approached his victim to finish the job “Unfortunately, you did. Curse your rotten luck.”


The smile froze in his face when he heard a profound voice coming from the forest “It's you who should curse his luck, dead man. Pray to your gods with your last breath.” A huge hand went out in a flash, taking the arrogant bandit and shoving him in the foliage. A scream of agony could then be heard, abruptly cut by the sound of bones breaking “You should leave while you still can!” The voice thundered again “Before I decide to feast on your entrails.” The hand spun out once more, and another bandit found his end.


This was more than enough. The brigands ran away, hoping that the monster they had found would feed on the poor sod they had wounded.


He was resigned and just prayed for his death to be painless. His life was leaking through the wound on his leg, and it would be impossible to run away from whatever it was that had killed the bandits. His vision was starting to blur when the predator walked out in fron of him. Holtz felt peace and calm fill his chest when he saw the creature, for he knew death, and with her the eternal rest, could not be far away.

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