Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


4. Chapter four

With a furious scream, the demon in human shape punched the head of the last bandit, breaking his neck and sending his spirit to the netherworld. He was starting to lose his patience. Besides the irritating weather, it was the third time they were attacked by those thugs, and they weren't halfway through those cursed mountains.


Once the menace was gone, the young fae girl turned her attention to him and said “This is great, another massacre without survivors to interrogate. Thanks you very much, oh noble Reaper”.


“Shut up” snapped back the demon “There's nothing in these curs that could be useful. Besides, they're not a threat” The tone of his voice didn't leave room for a reply, so the young girl bowed her head, wrapped in her coat and kept guiding the way north, to whatever doom the Reaper had planned for his people.


Almost three weeks had passed since their travel had begun, and she still couldn't get from him more than coarse words and curt orders.


They were now walking through the Kurmondar mountains, that allowed a quicker passage to the frozen north, though in one of the most inhospitable environments in all of Creation. And this wasn't before taking into account the bandit chiefs that took advantage of the desolation to establish their abodes, murdering anyone who dared intrude in their dominions.


This time, however, that policy turned out to be a bad idea, for the strangers that walked through their territories were much more dangerous than they had initially thought. Taking this into account, they decided to leave them alone after the death of the third party. So it was that they kept advancing, without being bothered by the lords of those icy regions, but without any assistance either.

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