Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


43. Chapter forty three


 Jack cursed to himself as he tripped on a roof tile. If the guards found him, he was dead. He stood still for a moment, listening. The sound of boots on stone were near, but no one was yelling threats or warnings. Luckily, they attacked at night, giving him a chance to sneak through the alleys he knew so well.


 This was probably the doing of that cursed witch and her venomous words. A few madmen had come from the south a short while ago, saying that ancient demons had returned to the world and were engulfing their cities in an orgy of fire and blood. According to them, the horde had already destroyed Brügenmord… And the idiotic king believed them to the last word, as if the legends were something more than smoke and mirrors to woo the incautious.


 Obviously, such a threat could only be faced by the union of all who dwelt in Creation, so they decided to try and join forces with the fae and even the mysterious nordheim. With the increasing exchange of goodwill gestures that such an alliance implied, the fae did a thorough investigation about the smuggling of angel smile to human lands. Having a well-oiled net of spies in their territory, it wasn’t long before they found Barol. He, instead of denying all and risk torture, confessed everything he knew, including his dealings with Jack. After being questioned, he was released, for he knew many unpleasant secrets about many important people. He had been playing the game too long not to have a few security measures prepared. Luckily for Jack, the man was loyal to his business partners, so he sent him an urgent message, informing of what was happening.


 As soon as he received it, Jack began the preparations for running away. If he just left, the guards would know the location of every rat nest in the city. And that would mean the rat’s bosses would soon know where the information leaked from, and Jack would become a walking corpse. He managed to send a few desperate instructions and burn most important documents when the guards came knocking at his door. Knowing he was risking everything, he sent a torch to the old furniture, seizing the opportunity to run away.


 He heard the footsteps going away, which meant he was safe. Thanking Heaven for his luck, he climbed down on a deserted alley and, upon reaching a crowded street, he started walking with the ease of a man who has nothing to hide.


 He was so busy thinking about the steps he’d have to take to recover what he had lost, he didn’t even feel the strike that left him unconscious.


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