Return of the Reaper

Thousands of years ago, the Reaper, Demon Lord and ruler of all Creation, was betrayed and his empire turned to dust. Now he has returned, and is looking for revenge on the one who betrayed him.


15. Chapter fifteen


 The dead advanced slowly, their faces chewed by hundreds of tiny claws and teeth. The army raised only a few weeks ago had been completely destroyed  in order to show Beast the true extent of his power, forcing the Vermin Lord to once again unleash the rats in a defenseless town. It had been easy, but the humans were wary. It looked like, having lost contact with the nearby towns, they suspected something was wrong, spreading the rumors and sowing distrust.


 Oblivious to any of this, the dead obeyed the will of their lord and master, silently marching towards their destination. This would be the boldest strike by the demons, for it was a big city, focus for the trading between the central and southern regions.


 Watching the unsteady advance of those reanimated corpses, Death in the Wind thought about everything that must be done. The city would be razed, its inhabitants turned into mindless tools, thus bolstering their army. Then, both the walking dead and the city itself would be sacrificed in order for the demonic legions to roam through this world once again. He would then put Creation to the torch, slaying anyone who dared to bar his path as a true Demon Lord ought to. He would then fin the Reaper, and he would slay him once again, but this time he would make sure his death was definitive.


 “You two fools are about to make a big mistake.” Said a voice at their side. When they turned their heads, the demons saw a strange norheim, wearing a coarse brown tunic. Stout and broad as two men, his white mane flowed below his waist. His face, hard and rough, showed a strangely warm smile, as if he was chatting with two old acquaintances “You are still in time to repent.” he continued “But once the infernal legions come back to torture Creation, it will be too late.”


 Death in the Wind smiled at the stranger “You are a long way from home, old man. Here you have your answer.” he said, lunging towards him. With a movement that seemed out of place in such a massive individual, the nordheim just took a step aside, graciously avoiding the demon’s deadly strike. “I haven’t come to test you in combat,” he said, moving effortlessly out of the way as Death in the Wind sent strike after strike “I have only come to give you a warning.” He saw the Vermin Lord murmuring a prayer to his masters, but he ignored him “The message has been delivered, the rest lies in your hands.” Before the demon could end his invocation, the nordheim seemed to blink out of existence, appearing far away from them. As he turned his back and started walking to the north, both demons could hear his mocking laugh. 



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