Darren Criss & Me *English*

Darren Criss & Me is a story about a gir who moves to America with her parents. She then meets her idol, Darren Criss, and they become friends and he later becomes her boyfriend, but her mom isn't too happy about it. She is forbidden to see him, and a lot of things happen - read the story and discover more.


5. The music controls your mood


I was sitting on his back while he walked along the waters edge. He started running and ran into the water, and once he had gotten far enough out, he threw me in. I threw water at him, and he did the same to me. He took my arm and pulled me to him. We stood there and looked at each other for a long time. I wasn’t the type of girl who liked brown eyes, but there was something special about his, and before I knew it, they closed and his lips hit mine. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss. I didn’t want to move my head away from his, but I had to when he started moving his. I looked up at him and looked into his small brown eyes. He removed a little tuft of hair that was hanging in front of my hair and put it behind my ear. I put my hand behind his neck and puled his head to mine and kissed him.        And right in the middle of my kiss, Chris decided to wake me up. I sat up in my bed and let my fingers slide across my lips, and afterwards I looked at Chris.     “Good morning” I said.   “Good morning, sleepy head” He said with a smile.   “What time is it?” I asked and looked at my cell. “It’s only half past eight”   “Yes, and now we’re going running”   “We’re going what?”   “Get up and put your running gear on”   I got up and found my gear. I then went into the bathroom and got ready, and when I came out, Chris was also ready, and all we needed to do was to put our running shoes on. When we got outside we started walking a bit at first to get out circulation going, but shortly after, Chris started running and I could do nothing but follow him. On our way, we ran by the café. I looked around, and as always, Darren was sitting there.    “Chris I need to go talk to Darren real fast” I said and walked into the café.   “Darren?” I said.   He turned around and looked at me. He smiled. “I didn’t know you ran”   I looked at myself “I don’t, but Chris does, so today I do as well. But there’s something I need to ask you”. He looked at me, surprised.    “Will you come to dinner at my place tonight, my mom would like to talk to you”   “Is she going to bawl me out?”   “No, not at all, this is actually good.” I smiled and took his hand. “Please?”   He looked down at our hands and nodded “Sure, I’ll be there”   “Thank you so much” I said and walked towards the exit “See you”   I said before I went outside. I ran to Chris, who had been looking in though the window. I pulled him away and kept running. He wanted to know what Darren had said and what I had dreamt about, because I had apparently said Darren’s name.    So I had to tell him everything. Suddenly, it hit me. The other day, when I had fallen asleep on the couch, had I said Darren’s name? Had my mother heard? Was that why she wanted to give Darren a chance?               I had so many questions that I would probably never get any answers to.   When we got home after a nice run I jumped in the shower, and while I made breakfast, Chris showered. I went into my parents who still lay in bed and woke them up.   “Good morning, breakfast’s ready” I said with a smile.   “Why are you so happy and fresh today?”   “Chris and I went running, it was really great” I said and went to the door. Before I closed it, I said “And Darren’s coming tonight, I met him on the way there” I couldn’t help but smile, I was just so happy my mom had decided to give him a chance.         The day passed slowly, all I wanted was for Darren to arrive, but time had apparently decided to pass additionally slow today so I had to wait even longer. But I had to make time pass so I started teaching myself a new song, “Down” by Jason Walker. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of the piano. It made me think about how long it had been since I had last played. I hadn’t really played since our move, so I really enjoyed doing it again. After I had played the song a couple of times without singing I started singing along and even though I couldn’t remember all of the lyrics, it sounded pretty good. When I was done someone was clapping behind me. I turned around and saw Darren standing in the door. He came to me and sat down next to me. “Play it again.” He said, and I started playing. He began to sing along and after a wile, so did I. When I looked out of the corner of my eye, I could tell that he was looking at me, and I lost my concentration and started playing all wrong. I blushed and stopped playing.  “Why did you stop?” He asked.   I looked up at him. “It wasn’t that kind of song I wanted to sing with it,”   I said and got up. I sat down on my bed and grabbed one of my teddy bears, which I just looked down at.    He sat down next to me.   “Katrine, I don’t understand you. You seem to like me, and I like you. You invite me over and we sing together, and now you’re sad. I don’t get it.”   “Darren, I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve never been loved; I’ve always just been the weird girl with all the problems. I was so sure that I had found someone who cared about me, but the song made me think that I can also fall all the way down again. I can lose yo…. the person I care about.”   He looked down at the bear in my hands. “My mom has been mad about our friendship because she wanted to protect me. She knows you’re an actor and singer, so she also knows that someday you are going to leave, and she knew that it would break my heart if I made a connection with you, and I think she’s right. I think I would fall into the pitch black hole, and I just got up, I…”    He cut me off with a kiss. His soft lips gently hit mine. I didn’t know what to do, did I keep kissing him – what all of his female fans would die to do – or did I end the kiss? I chose to end it, but let my forehead meet his. “How can this feel so right, yet so wrong? Darren, help me, I don’t know what to do”   I pulled my head away and put it on his shoulder, after which he let his rest against mine, and in the second he was about to say something, my mom cut us off. “Darren and Katrine, Dinner’s ready” I looked at her and nodded. We got up and went downstairs. I had ruined the entire dinner now. During dinner my parents asked Darren a lot of questions. I tried to seem happy, and so did he, but he knew I wasn’t happy, which made him miserable as well.    My mom looked at me and asked, “Katrine, your dad and I are going to a couple of friends after dinner, how about you let Darren stay the night?”   She smiled and alternated at looking at Darren and me. “If he wants to” I said and tried to sound happy, but I couldn’t, I was scared that my parents would see right through me, but they didn’t notice, they just looked at Darren.    “Of course” He said and looked at me. I just sat there and poked at my dinner.   My dad poked me. “Katrine” He said very low. I looked up at him. “Can we talk when you’re done eating?” He asked.    “I’m done now” I took my plate and carried it to the kitchen, then I went back into the dining room, and then my dad and I went to the terrace and sat on the rocking bench. “What did you want to talk with me about?” I looked at him.   “Things are getting serious between you and Darren, and I’m happy that you’ve found a nice boy, but remember, a lot of things come with a relationship, so I want you to have this” He gave me a small pack with something inside.    “No, dad” I blushed and put it in my back pocket before going back into the living room and sitting down. The table had been cleared and Darren sat there all by himself.
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